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06.07.2020 15 Years of Technology Advance: ProfHolod Celebrates 15th Anniversary

In 15 years ProfHolod became number 1 Russian manufacturer of PIR and PUR insulated panels

22.06.2020 500 Pascals: PH Insulation Presents Sliding Gas-Tight Door for Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storages

PH Insulation airtight doors for controlled atmosphere storage withstand pressure up to 500 Pa

08.06.2020 Polyether Synthesis Plant in Action: 10% Performance Improvement for 500,000 sq. m of Sandwich Panels with PIR Premier

PH Insulation produced more than 600 tons of PIR Premier on cutting edge polyether synthesis plant

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15 Years of Technology Advance: ProfHolod Celebrates 15th Anniversary

In 15 years ProfHolod became number 1 Russian manufacturer of PIR and PUR insulated panels



500 Pascals: PH Insulation Presents Sliding Gas-Tight Door for Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storages

PH Insulation airtight doors for controlled atmosphere storage withstand pressure up to 500 Pa



Polyether Synthesis Plant in Action: 10% Performance Improvement for 500,000 sq. m of Sandwich Panels with PIR Premier

PH Insulation produced more than 600 tons of PIR Premier on cutting edge polyether synthesis plant



ProfHolod Goes for Polyester Independence

ProfHolod has become the first rigid PU maker in Russia to start producing its own polyester polyols



PH Insulation Delivers PIR Premier Sandwich Panels for Construction of Warehouses in Estonia

PH Insulation supplies more than 6,500 sq. m of CE quality marked wall and roof PIR Premier sandwich panels for pre-fabricated buildings in Estonia



PH Insulation Reduces CO2 Emissions by 80,000 kg with Solar Panels at its Manufacturing Site

PH Insulation operates a 27 kW solar power station installed at its manufacturing site in Moscow region



PH Insulation Delivers Turnkey Passage for Moscow Hospital Infectious Disease Unit

A hospital passage for COVID-19 patients features PH Insulation PU sandwich panels and industrial doors



0.0194 W/m*K. Elastokam / BASF Laboratory Records Unique Thermal Conductivity of PIR Premier Sandwich Panels

PH Insulation has successfully improved the energy efficiency of its sandwich panels with its signature PIR Premier system



Reducing thermal conductivity and increasing safety: ProfHolod presents a new pin lock for sliding refrigeration doors

New lock expands ProfHolodís range of reinforced hardware for refrigeration doors



Improving the top-selling PIR system in Russia: PH Insulation completes installation of a polyether synthesis unit

The company explores a new frontier in improving its customized PIR Premier system



Label Your Door: All ProfHolod Doors Now Carry Identification Tags

Identification tags contain a serial number, the year of manufacture, a phone number and the companyís website



The magnificent eight: ProfHolod manufactured more than 8 000 cold room and industrial doors in 2019

The milestone 8 000 door is manufactured for pharmaceutical production in the Moscow region



ProfHolodís PIR Premier insulated panels attracted visitors at the Big 5 trade fair

ProfHolodís PIR Premier insulated sandwich panels drew attention of perspective clients from Middle East and Africa at the Big 5 building and construction show in Dubai, UAE



ProfHolod unveils new corporate logo and brandsí new positioning

The new identity and positioning celebrates ProfHolodís expertise in PIR formulation



ProfHolod to showcase PIR Premier Insulation at Big 5 Dubai 2019

Visit ProfHolodís stand #SS3 B50 in Sheikh Saeed Hall 3 at the major Middle East expo on November 25-28, 2019



Hold them tight: Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan took a look at ProfHolod sandwich panels

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan inspected samples of ProfHolod sandwich panels with PIR Premier insulation at the Armenia Expo exhibition, which was held from September 12 to 14 in Yerevan.



From Germany with polyethers: ProfHolod R&D Center specialists tested polyethers at H&S Anlagentechnik

ProfHolod R&D Center specialists visited the headquarters of the German H&S Anlagentechnik. The purpose of the visit was to work out the last clarifying details of making of polyethers during the test synthesis and to examine the elements of the unit before they are shipped to Russia.



Solid five: ProfHolod successfully produced 5 millionth square meter of PIR Premier sandwich panels

ProfHolodís PIR Premier insulated panels are manufactured with the Companyís proprietary PIR system



Meet the meat. And fish. ProfHolod takes part in the largest exhibitions in Germany and Belgium.

The largest international meat processing and seafood exhibitions were held in Europe



ProfHolod invites you to the Chicken King exhibition in Moscow

International Exhibition Meat Industry. Chicken King / VIV Russia will be held on May 28-30 in Moscow.



ProfHolod and Fermod discuss further cooperation

ProfHolod manufactures refrigeration doors with French Fermod hardware for more than 5 years



German H&S Anlagentechnik will supply the most modern in Russia polyether synthesis reactor to ProfHolod

Two more companies from Germany were involved in the tender



PIR Plate: an Ideal Insulator for ĎIdeal Repairí TV Show on Russian Channel One

PIR Plate was used for thermal insulation at the ĎIdeal Repairí TV Show



Mineral Package: ProfHolod Starts Production of Sandwich Panels with Mineral Wool Core

The Companyís customers now can purchase several types of sandwich panels under one roof



Import substitution synthesis: ProfHolod will invest EUR 5 million in the most advanced polyether synthesis reactor in Russia

ProfHolod is negotiating with European companies for the supply of the latest reactor system to improve the quality of the PIR Premier system



Profholod reduced CO2 emissions by 50 tonnes with solar panels

The solar panels are installed at the ProfHolodís manufacturing site in Moscow region



Two-handed shot: ProfHolod purchased the second Pu.Ma lind

The new line will allow ProfHolod to manufacture mineral wool sandwich panels



Fruit Berlinale: ProfHolod held talks with European companies at Fruit Logistica exhibition

ProfHolod met its current and future partners at international exhibition in Berlin



Identified objects: ProfHolod releases BIM door packages to bimobject website

The new BIM libraries include refrigeration, traffic and technological doors, 9 types in total



PIR 2.0: ProfHolod to invest 10 million euros in installation of a second continuous line for PIR insulated panels production

The total ProfHolod production capacity of PIR sandwich panels will reach to 6 million square meters per year after the line is installed.



Virtual tour: ProfHolod goes VR

Starting from today you can immerse in the manufacturing reality of ProfHolod at home ó witgh a 360 panoramic video



Krasnodar Region Governor Visited ProfHolod's Stand at YugAgro

ProfHolod explained to the Governor the advantages of insulated sandwich panels with PIR core



ProfHolod's specialists visited Chillventa, the major exhibition of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems in Europe

From 16 to 18 October, ProfHolod's specialists visited Chillventa, the largest European exhibition of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and ventilation systems in Germany.



Ready to download: ProfHolod BIM libraries are available on

ProfHolod's catalogs of BIM families libraries are now available on international portal for engineers



From Paris with love: FERMOD presented to ProfHolod brand new hardware for cold doors

The two companies agreed to hold talks on exclusive partnership in Russia for shipments of new FERMOD hardware



From My Heart: ProfHolod delivers sandwich panel with PPU filler and refrigeration doors to the USA

ProfHolod delivered 300 square meters of sandwich panels and 3 sliding refrigeration doors for the construction of a cold chamber in New York, USA.



Barevdzez: ProfHolod opens a showroom in Armenia

The showroom features hinged refrigerator door with French hardware by Fermod and sliding door with Spanish hardware by Kide



Black amber and white aluminum: the largest mill complex in Kazakhstan is built of ProfHolod PIR insulated sandwich panels ProfHolod delivered in Kazakhstan wall and roof PIRinsulatedsandwich panels

ProfHolod supplied 6 340 m2 of wall and 1 840 m2 of roofing PIR sandwich panels for the construction of the largest in the northern Kazakhstan mill complex.



BIM technology knocks at the refrigeration door ProfHolod introduces full BIM library for its refrigeration doors

Customers can now access the ProfHolod Building Information Modeling (BIM)



Sea corrosionis no bother: ProfHolodís delivers weather-resistant PIR insulated sandwich panels to Azerbaijan

ProfHolod delivers metal-faced PIR insulated sandwich panels for construction of a greenhouse at Caspian Sea coast



ProfHolod tags more than 400 thousand sq. m of PIR insulated sandwich panels with date of manufacture and other key specifications

ProfHolod completes successful testing of automatic industrial printer for insulated panels



ProfHolod delivers sliding fire doors to Lenta supermarket in Saratov city

All the doors are equipped with proprietary ProfHolod hardware accessories, increasing the doors durability up to 150%



ProfHolod receives award for the Most Innovative Presentation at AgroWorld Exhibition in Uzbekistan

ProfHolod receives award for the Most Innovative Presentation at AgroWorld Exhibition in Uzbekistan



ProfHolod goes high tech with virtual reality in Uzbekistan

ProfHolod will demonstrate state of the art insulation with VR headset ad AgroWorld Exhibition in Uzbekistan



ProfHolod creates virtual reality at Moscow Milk Exhibition

ProfHolod demonstrates cold chamber with VR headset



ProfHolod delivers sliding doors for Aeromar

Light weight and effortless gliding of ProfHolod doors perfectly answer Aeromarís requirements. Aeromar is the largest meal production company for airline catering in Russia



ProfHolod expands client base, increases cold storage doors production and export in 2017

In 2017 ProfHolodís client base expands by 31 percent, cold storage doors purchases increases by 43 percent and export by 46 percent year on year



ProfHolod started the manufacturing of the premium segment refrigeration doors equipped with the German Rahrbach hardware.

Maximum reliability, and the top functionality degree, combined with unique design are the distinguishing characteristics of RahrBach hardware.



ProfPanel trademark has been registered.

The Federal service for intellectual property, patents and trademarks (Rospatent) conducted the expertise of the ProfPanel trademark.



ProfHolodís sandwich panels for residential buildings

High construction speed and its simplicity, energy-efficiency, ecological compatibility and low weight of sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam filler, increasingly attract people choosing the material for the construction of their houses.



ProfHolodís sandwich panels for the aggressive environment in food industry

ProfHolodís sandwich panels became the main material for the erection of Safonovo meat industry facilities.



ProfHolod took part in the IX International scientific practical conference

"Production and consumption of ozone-friendly freons and their substitutes in Russia. Problems, solutions, perspectives".



Fire-proof (PIR) sandwich panels acquired the interest of the visitors of MosBuild 2012 exhibition

This year at MosBuild, ProfHolod demonstrated to the visitors the panels coming from the new plant, equipped with the most modern line (PuMa, Italy) for the manufacturing of structural wall and roofing sandwich panels.



ProfHolod Ė one of the founders of a national association

ProfHolod took part in the constitutive congress of the National Association of polyurethane foam panel manufacturers (NAPPAN).



ProfHolod at MosBuild 2012

Sandwich panels, coming out of the new continuous line, will be presented by ProfHolod at MosBuild 2012.



Sandwich panels with the 40 mm thickness

Dear partners! Starting from January, 2012 ProfHolod company manufactures the sandwich panels having the thickness of 40 mm.



The continuous line is ready at the new ProfHolodís plant

PuMa company informed ProfHolod with the regular report letter, that all the sections of the continuous line for manufacturing of polyurethane foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR sandwich panels, were 100% ready.



ProfHolodís product is protected against fakes

The Federal service for intellectual property, patents and trademarks (Rospatent) has registered the ProfHolod trademark.



The continuous line is 80% ready

A New Year present from PuMa S.r.l.: the new continuous line for PUR and PIR panels production is 80% ready.



Profholod company took part in the conference

"Sandwich panels market: valuations, trends, forecasts", which became the biggest mass initiative of the sandwich panels market in Russia.



Big size sliding doors

In September, 2011 ProfHolod company increases the size of the sliding refrigeration doors up to 3200 x 3200 mm.



ProfHolod company started the manufacture of hidden doors

The main feature of hidden doors is the minimum door leaf protrusion relative to the wall: independently of the door leaf thickness, it is equal to 4 cm.



ProfHolod at CHILLVENTA 2011 exhibition

Our company presented our product news at CHILLVENTA 2011 exhibition, which was held 1-3 march in Moscow.



New product Ė sliding doors for refrigerating chambers

New product in ProfHolodís assortment. The sliding refrigeration doors are made of polyurethane foam sandwich panels and are equipped with high quality European-made hardware.



Shift for the new type of junction locking profile

In January, 2011 we shift for the new junction locking profile type.



Contract with the Italian company Pu.Ma.

The contract with the Italian company Pu.Ma. has been concluded for the delivery of a continuous line for the production of wall and roofing sandwich panels with the length up to 15 m. The capacity of the line is 2 000 000 ž2 a year.



ProfHolod company participates at AgroProdMash exhibition

and is awarded the diploma for the high quality index of sandwich panels.



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