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PIR Premier and PUR Classic Sandwich Panels
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06.07.2020 15 Years of Technology Advance: ProfHolod Celebrates 15th Anniversary

In 15 years ProfHolod became number 1 Russian manufacturer of PIR and PUR insulated panels

22.06.2020 500 Pascals: PH Insulation Presents Sliding Gas-Tight Door for Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storages

PH Insulation airtight doors for controlled atmosphere storage withstand pressure up to 500 Pa

08.06.2020 Polyether Synthesis Plant in Action: 10% Performance Improvement for 500,000 sq. m of Sandwich Panels with PIR Premier

PH Insulation produced more than 600 tons of PIR Premier on cutting edge polyether synthesis plant

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PIR Premier and PUR Classic Sandwich Panels

Polyisocyanurate (PIR Premier) panels
Polyisocyanurate (PIR Premier) panels
Sandwich panels with the fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR Premier filler are designed for construction of big refrigerating groups, terminals and other buildings with the elevated fire safety requirements. They have the best characteristics among the hydro and heat insulation materials, and are easy to mount. They can have smooth or profiled surface of any RAL color.
Polyurethane foam (PUR Classic) panels
Polyurethane foam (PUR Classic) panels
Polyurethane foam PUR Classic sandwich panels are designed for the construction of refrigerating chambers, small warehouses, heat-insulation of industrial facilities, construction of technical and auxiliary buildings. They have the elevated hydro and heat insulation properties, are economical and easy to mount. They can have smooth or profiled surface of any RAL color.
Eccentric Lock Sandwich Panels
Eccentric Lock Sandwich Panels
Sandwich panels with insulation PUR Classic (PUR "Classic") on Italian eccentric locks - three-layer panels with tightening locks made in Italy. Thermal insulation is provided by rigid PUR Classic polyurethane foam from international chemical concerns.
Mineral wool sandwich panels
Mineral wool sandwich panels
Mineral wool sandwich panels - three-layer panels with thermal insulation from fire-resistant mineral wool. ProfHolod sandwich panels with fire-resistant mineral wool will allow you to quickly build retail and sports facilities, gas stations, storage, agricultural and industrial premises with high fire safety requirements.
SIP panels
SIP panels
SIP panels are the three layer panels made of OSB panels with the polyurethane foam filler. SIP panels are used for the construction of “Canadian technology” houses. The panel thickness is from 60 mm to 180 mm. The maximum panel size is 1250 mm x 2800 mm. The panels have the exceptional energy saving properties and excellent strength. Houses built of SIP panels create comfortable living in any climatic conditions.


Polyurethane foam is a lightweight and durable material that was invented in 1937 in Germany. Polyurethane is made up of small closed cells. 3% of its volume is solid material, and 97% — cells filled with gas. As a result polyurethane foam perfectly holds the temperature you need: thermal conductivity of gases is lower by tens and hundreds times compared to solid materials.



• Delivers thermal conductivity of up to 0.020 W/(m*K), and with advanced blowing agents up to 0.018 W/(m*K)

• Eco-friendly: used everywhere, from the sole of your shoes and steering wheel in a car to insulation of spacecrafts’ fuel tanks

• Hygienic: used in cold storages for food

• Steamproof

• Resistant to mold, mildew. And no rodents or insects: they just don’t eat it

• Preserves unchanged thermal conductivity and other values over time, up to 50 years



Polyurethane foam (PUR) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) are related polymers of rigid polyurethane foams, which are created as a result of several components’ reaction.


Compared to PUR systems, PIR foam has reduced flammability. Under the influence of flame the outer layer of PIR is charred to form a porous carbon matrix that protects the inner layers and prevents them from burning.

Insulation sandwich panels with PUR Classic are mainly used for the construction of refrigerating and freezing rooms. PUR sandwich panels are also used to build warehouses in earthquake zones: for added strength, these panels can be fastened with eccentric locks.

PIR or Polyiso has more universal applications. PIR Premier sandwich panels are used to build

• Refrigerators, cold and freezing rooms

• Vegetable and fruit storages

• A variety of agricultural facilities: cowsheds, pig farms, poultry houses, etc

• Logistic facilities, refrigerated warehouses

• Production and office buildings, workshops

• Service stations, hangars

Sandwich panels with PIR Premier are also used to modernize and improve energy efficiency of buildings constructed

from other materials.



In terms of thermal insulation properties, polyurethane foam surpasses characteristics of standard building materials, such as brick or concrete, by 15 times. A sandwich panel with PUR or PIR insulation 100 mm thick retains heat or cold as a 1.5 meter brick wall.

PU EPS Mineral Wool Cinder Blocks Bricks
Thermal conductivity 0,022 0,038 - 0,052 0,041 0,160 0,370
Thickness, mm, to retain the needed temperature on the same level 100 160 264 730 1680
Volume of materials needed for a 10 sq. m wall, in m3 1,0 1,6 2,6 7,3 16,8
10 sq. m wall weight, in kg 124 161 382 2920 20160

How is PIR Premier different from other PIR systems?

For more than three years our custom-made PIR Premier blend guarantees the quality of sandwich panels and PIR Plita® insulator: thermal conductivity and physical and mechanical characteristics. The reason is PIR Premier was created specifically for our lines. Whereas most manufacturers of sandwich panels with polyurethane use universal foam from a limited range of manufacturers.


We created PIR Premier in partnership with international corporations Dow, BASF, Evonik in 2016. The System is certified according to the European standard EN 14509. And since 2017, all ProfHolod sandwich panels with PU have CE mark.

To guarantee the quality of our sandwich panels and PIR Plita® insulator, the PIR system components are carefully selected in our R&D Center, established in 2016.

Through 2019, we have produced for you more than 5.000.000 square meters of sandwich panels with PIR Premier, with over 5 000 tons of polyol systems. And our customers, more than 2 000 legal entities per year, can attest to the quality of the blend.


PIR Premier insulation sandwich panels deliver resistance of more than 185 kPa when testing compressive strength at 10% deformation and more than 160 kPa at break at a density of 40 kg/m3.



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