Industrial Buildings

Производственные здания

Industrial Buildings

To build a modern industrial building or insulate an old building, you will need sandwich panels: three-layer modern construction material with two layers of metal and insulation in between.

Sandwich panels will help you save costs during construction and operation of the building. Sandwich panels are quick to assemble and keep heat or cold for tens of years, so you can save on air conditioning or heating. Design-wise, sandwich panels also look great: you can order them in any RAL color and enjoy a building with any color patterns.

You can find buildings made with sandwich panels in

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Food Industry

  • Agriculture, meat and dairy production

  • Fish and seafood production and processing

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Why Choose PH Insulation

  • The most affordable price on the market – based on the Russian currency

  • 16 years of experience in sandwich panel production

  • Projects in 21 countries all around world

  • Precise timing of manufacturing

  • CE certificates

  • Free consultations from order to operation

Building Materials

For the construction of the industrial buildings, you can purchase sandwich panels with PIR Premier polyisocyanurate foam, PUR Сlassic polyurethane foam, mineral wool, and doors which will maintain temperature or divide the space.

PH Insulation sandwich panels with PIR Premier or PUR Classic keep heat or cold twice better than those with mineral wool. The mineral wool insulator is used mainly for buildings with increased fire safety requirements.

The PH Insulation sandwich panels’ docking "thorn-groove" joint with a depth of 20 mm provides maximum thermal insulation of the joint, and reduces the use of foam and sealant.

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Production Time

Our standard deadlines are two weeks from the date of payment

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Производственные здания Производственные здания

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