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06.07.2020 15 Years of Technology Advance: ProfHolod Celebrates 15th Anniversary

In 15 years ProfHolod became number 1 Russian manufacturer of PIR and PUR insulated panels

22.06.2020 500 Pascals: PH Insulation Presents Sliding Gas-Tight Door for Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storages

PH Insulation airtight doors for controlled atmosphere storage withstand pressure up to 500 Pa

08.06.2020 Polyether Synthesis Plant in Action: 10% Performance Improvement for 500,000 sq. m of Sandwich Panels with PIR Premier

PH Insulation produced more than 600 tons of PIR Premier on cutting edge polyether synthesis plant

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PH Insulation Reduces CO2 Emissions by 80,000 kg with Solar Panels at its Manufacturing Site


The use of a solar photovoltaic system installed at PH Insulation’s production line in Moscow region has allowed PH Insulation to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80 tons since the power station was commissioned 4 years ago.

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PH Insulation continuous line, which produces sandwich panels with PIR Premier core is equipped with 27 kW wall solar station. Solar panels generated more than 82,000 kWh of electricity over 4 years of use and saved the planet more than 33 tons of coal or more than 4,400 trees. 80,000 kWh could power PH Insulation’s refrigerated door manufacturing unit for three months.

The solar power station was designed and installed by SolarOn, the first manufacturer of solar modules in Armenia.

Solar panels installed on roof PIR Premier insulated panels can produce significantly more electricity annually in areas with significant insolation potential. A 335-kW power plant installed in Armenia has generated more than 500,000 kWh of electricity per year. That is the actual energy value released to the grid, with all possible losses, including network availability issues.

“In other words, each installed kilowatt of capacity of this power plant in Armenia, which was designed by SolarOn, produces about 1500 kWh of energy per year,’ explains Vahe Sharafyan, Director of Department of Technical Solutions and Engineering Research at PH Insulation. “It is important to notice, that we are speaking about the real energy figures released to the network. According to theoretical calculations, based on the level of insolation in the country, we could expect 1650-1750 kWh per kilowatt.”

SolarOn's forecasts for power generation of its solar panels are as close as possible to the actual output. The calculations take into account adjustments for power outages, when energy from a solar plant is not transferred to the grid.

PH Insulation encourages its partners to reduce the cost of cooling or heating using the green energy powered cold chambers equipped with SolarOn panels. PH Insulation also offers turnkey roof-top solutions to reduce the emission of CO2: solar panels installed together with PIR Premier sandwich panels.

For free consultation on the use of solar energy for cooling or heating your facility, please call +7 (495) 240-83-14 or send an inquiry to

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