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Reducing thermal conductivity and increasing safety: ProfHolod presents a new pin lock for sliding refrigeration doors


PH Insulation, which is known in Russia under the brand name ProfHolod, is proud to present a new lock for sliding refrigeration doors, designed and manufactured in-house. The new lock has been developed as an improvement over other  manufacturers’ locks. 

It benefits from:
- reduced thermal conductivity, 10% lower than European analogue, thanks to fewer metal parts inside the lock
- increased safety, as the new design allows a refrigeration door to be opened from the inside if necessary  
- universal shape design, so the lock can replace any other lock in sliding refrigeration doors

“It will take less then 5 mintues to replace plastic locks on sliding doors in case of breakage - just drill a through hole in the door leaf, insert the lock into the hole and twist three screws on the inside,” says Igor Prikhodko, head of the PH Insulation Production and Technical Department’s technical unit.

The new lock expands PH Insulation's range of in-house reinforced hardware which can endure the harsh treatment and operating conditions of refrigerators and freezers in Russia.

In 2018, PH Insulation introduced metal brackets, handles and brass rollers for sliding doors, which last 1.5 times longer compared to plastic analogues from Europe. In 2019, PH Insulation developed the electric drive, which was rolled out after extensive tests, passing 150,000 open-close cycles in test mode. Also in 2019, PH Insulation produced more than 8,000 refrigerating, swinging and technological doors in multiple varieties, with its own and European hardware, for partners in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe.

For consultations on choosing the right hardware for your refrigeration doors, please contact your personal manager or call +7 (495) 240-8314 landline, or +7 (925) 745-0137 on Viber, WhatsApp, or Telegram messengers.


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