Key points:

  • PH Insulation has developed Sliding Doorsets made of two or more sandwich panels to be assembled at construction sites
  • New solution will allow PH Insulation partners worldwide to save up to $1,500 on delivery
  • Sliding Doorsets combine easy transportation and the best cold-saving technology with polyurethane insulation

PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, offers a new solution for professionals of the cold chain industry: Sliding Doorsets. The new type of sliding refrigeration doors will consist of two or more PUR insulated panels stacked lying flat for transportation to be assembled at a construction site, thus making the shipping costs more manageable.

The PH Insulation sliding doors with the size exceeding 2,000 mm, 6'56", in height or width, can now be shipped lying flat to reduce the cargo size allowing PH Insulation partners to save up to $1,500 on delivery. SD S will arrive with a kit that includes all necessary parts for installation and a mounting instruction. The insulated panels are clearly numbered for quick docking.


"We have created Sliding Doorsets to minimize shipping costs for delivering large sliding refrigeration doors. Usually, large doors are transported stacked upright on an A-frame pallet at a 45-degree angle. Delivery costs have increased several times over the last year, so our new solution will help to save significant amounts of money. Especially for large orders with ten or more doors. Now our partners can order the same sliding doors and assemble them on their site”, says Rashid Zinatullin, Head of the Technical Solutions and New Developments Department of PH Insulation.

“The SD S is equipped with the same hardware just like our standard sliding doors: reinforced PH Insulation brackets, Russian or French automatic drives".

On-site door installation is guaranteed to be simple and easy with the pre-assembly of all SD S doors at the PH Insulation factory before shipping. Each door undergoes a thorough quality control at the PH Insulation factory.

Following the mission to do its utmost to empower cold chain industry with energy saving technologies, PH Insulation provides all its partners with free technical support: unlimited consultations at all stages of the order, and on-site installation supervision.

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