Modular Portable Cabins

Модульные бытовки

PH Insulation offers portable modular cabins, made with PIR Premier roof and wall sandwich panels.
PH Insulation modular cabins are supplied in flat packages, non-assembled to save on transportation costs, together with doors and shaped elements for installation on the construction site.

The modular cabins can be enhanced with solar panels for even bigger saving of your money on your energy bills.

PH Insulation offers modular cabins in standard sizes for various uses

  • 2400х3421 mm,

  • 2200х5925 mm,

  • 2400х5925 mm,

or will design a cabin for your individual requirements.

When to Use Sandwich Panel Cabins

  • For temporary accommodations and relaxation areas for construction workers

  • As modular buildings for military personnel for UN peacekeeping forces and other peacekeeping missions

  • To quickly build ticket sales cabins, security booths

  • For secure storages for any types of goods

Construction Materials

  1. Roof and wall sandwich panels with the polyisocyanurate PIR Premier filler

    CE European certificate

    Thickness 80 mm (3,15?)

    Fire resistance ratio EI30

    Thermal conductivity 0.0194 W/m*K (U-value 0,23 W/m2*K)


    Polymer coating in any color according to the RAL catalog to match the environment

    Minimal cold or heat losses at the joint with the unique configuration of a “spike-groove” 20 mm (0,78?) deep lock

  2. Doors are equipped with German-made hardware

  3. Shaped elements in RAL 9003 or any color according to customer’s request

  4. Plywood or steel checker plate reinforcement for floor

  5. Consumables

Why Choose PH Insulation Modular Cabins

  • Factory-manufactured cabins by PH Insulation provide top quality and are delivered worldwide. Since 2005 PH Insulation has manufactured over 18 million square meters of sandwich panels for quick build construction in 20 countries across the globe

  • The insulated cabins preserve temperature inside with the PIR Premier insulator – thermal conductivity of as low as 0.0194 W/m*K (U-value 0,23 W/m2*K)

  • The cabins are built with frame and frameless technologies. The cabins build with frames could be moved to other locations. Note that you should order the frame separately from your local contractor

  • The cabins are easy to install in all weather conditions, be it freezing cold or extreme heat

  • Unlimited free consultation before the start, during the construction and after you have completed your project

You are welcome to choose a color according to RAL catalogue

1014 Ivory 1015 Light ivory
1018 Zinc yellow 3003 Ruby red
3005 Wine red 3009 Oxide red
3011 Brown red 5005 Signal blue
6002 Leaf green 6005 Moss green
7004 Signal grey 8017 Chocolate brown
9002 Grey white 9003 Signal white
9006 White aluminium 9010 Pure white

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Модульные бытовки Модульные бытовки

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