PH Insulation presents heavy sliding refrigeration doors with plastic brackets and rollers by Coldtech, which have proven their durability in the PH Insulation laboratory. The new doors have the abbreviated name SD T.

To identify the most durable plastic hardware for sliding doors used in refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers, PH Insulation’s engineering department specialists have conducted tests on plastic pulleys and rollers made by the world leading manufacturers.


Coldtech hardware has demonstrated the highest strength and wear resistance in the tests. Test results are available on request.

Refrigeration doors are frequently exposed to harsh conditions, necessitating their construction to endure substantial stress. A significant portion of this stress being exerted on the hardware components.

After reviewing various options for pulleys and rollers, we have selected those that have demonstrated their reliability through testing in our laboratory.

Danila Odinokov
Head of PH Insulation Design and Technical Documentation Department

PH Insulation sliding refrigeration doors SD T are designed for openings’ height of 1800 to 3000 mm and width of 800 to 3000 mm.

The doors are made of 80 to 150 mm thick panels with PUR Classic insulation providing thermal conductivity coefficient of λ = 0.022 W/(m*K). Sliding doors are ideal for insulating large openings in warehouses and cold rooms, saving space in corridors compared to hinged doors.

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