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PH Insulation Delivers Turnkey Passage for Moscow Hospital Infectious Disease Unit


PH Insulation, which is known in Russia under the brand name ProfHolod, in less than a week built a new gateway to the infectious disease unit in a Moscow hospital with PU sandwich panels and industrial doors. The gateway was set up urgently for patients with coronavirus.

PH Insulation’s Technical Solutions Department specialists calculated the required number of sandwich panels and suggested a custom door design. PH Insulation installed the turnkey structure on the hospital premises in partnership with a Moscow construction company.

Two PH Insulation's continuous sandwich panel production lines in Moscow and Tula regions manufacture PIR Premier, PUR Classic and mineral wool insulated panels for construction of healthcare, food production and other facilities which ensure the supply of people’s daily necessities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sandwich panels with polyurethane foam are used for fast construction of various types of buildings:  warehouses, pharmaceutical, hospital, production facilities, etc. The PU panels have the elevated hydro and heat insulation properties and are easy to mount. They require no internal finishing and allow to reduce the cost of cooling or heating the premises with its low thermal conductivity index of just 0.022 W/m*K.

Technological doors are custom made, used for zoning and provide for viewing the room with its oval windows. Technological doors are easy to operate and maintain, boast a modern design and are produced with reliable German hardware installed on them.

To protect the premises from drafts and dust PH Insulation equipped the hospital gateway with PVC curtains.

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