PH Insulation conducted first tests of its new improved PIR system tentatively named PH-TMa3. Fire resistance level of the new PIR system boasted 25% increase compared to standard PIR systems, and reached E 45. PH Insulation R&D Center will continue the work to further improve the formula based on the tests.  

“The unique characteristics of the new PIR system confirmed in the laboratory were the natural consequence of several years of development in our R&D Center. The first tests showed that we chose the right path in making the new PIR system, and we moved one step ahead of existing technologies of creating polyisocyanurate foam for use in sandwich panels”

Irina Pechenkina
Head of Research and Development Department of PH Insulation

Development of advanced PIR systems is an important strategic advantage of PH Insulation, which allows construction companies in Russia and 27 countries around the world to be totally confident in the quality of sandwich panels.

Excellent physical and mechanical characteristics for compression of PIR Premier sandwich panels exhibit at least 203 kPa at 10% deformation at a 40 kg/m3 density — due to molecular control of the main components of the PIR system in the PH Insulation R&D Center.

The next fire test of the new PIR system is scheduled for September 2022.


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