The PH Insulation Export Department specialists met with Mr. Papo Malik Ndao during the Construction Expo

On June 18, PH Insulation Export Department specialists presented PIR Premier sandwich panels, PIR Plita® insulation boards and other energy-efficient materials to Mr. Papo Malik Ndao, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment in Senegal. The meeting was held on the sidelines of a construction expo in Senegal. The government of Senegal is recognizing the importance of building advanced cold storages to reduce the loss of agricultural products during storage and transportation.

“African companies show high level of interest in our construction materials with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam — top quality insulated panels and refrigeration doors are indispensable for building modern refrigerated warehouses in the region. We already deliver our insulated materials to Libya and Nigeria, and work with refrigeration companies from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and other African countries to finalize new deals. Leveraging the step up in the Russian-African relations, we see Senegal as a new promising export destination for our products.”

Yuriy Savin
Head of PH Insulation Export Sales

At the expo in Senegal, PH Insulation showcased the advanced energy saving technologies for construction of industrial and agricultural buildings:

  • wall and roof sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate PIR Premier core. PIR Premier sandwich panels save costs for heating or air conditioning due to their low thermal conductivity at 0,0194 W/mK. PH Insulation's insulated panels are produced in any color on the RAL chart and with many types of coatings
  • 18 types of refrigeration and industrial doors
  • multipurpose PIR Plita® insulation boards with paper, foil, and film for construction of flat roofs and insulation of any type of new or old buildings

The PH Insulation's products have made a successful debut into the African continent due to the short lead time of manufacturing, and excellent physical and mechanical characteristics. The world-class quality of the PH Insulation's PIR Premier sandwich panels is confirmed by the EU certificates to deliver great value for the African cold chain industry.


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