Controlled Atmosphere Sliding Doors with Gas-Tight Sealing

Откатные герметичные двери

Door code

  • CA SD - Controlled Atmosphere Sliding Doors
  • Door thickness 80, 100, 120, 150 mm
  • Opening height up to 3 500 mm
  • Opening width up to 3 500 mm

Basic Information

PH Insulation gas-tight sliding doors for fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere storage are an impressive blend of world’s best expertise with Russian engineering skills. 

Stand tests at the PH Insulation production facility showed that the new gas-tight door can withstand pressure up to 500 Pa with its solid frame, rubber sealed door, and tight clips developed by PH Insulation engineers.

CA refrigerated chambers for ripening of fruits, berries and vegetables are constructed of polyurethane sandwich panels.

In design of the airtight door, PH Insulation leveraged the best world experience of engineering for gas-tight storages. Today, the world uses just two technologies for sealing such doors: seal inflator and reinforced clips. PH Insulation chose the second option deliberately, since it eliminates risk of damage to the seal inflator during operation of CA storages. 

PH Insulation offers free consultation to select the proper material for the door depending on the purpose of the AC storage. 

Door Frame

Solid non-separable construction provides frame tightness. When developing the frame design, PH Insulation chose a solid frame that provides maximum tightness of the opening, facilitates installation and withstands corrosion.

Corrosion-resistance of the frame against high humidity and acids that are released during the storage of fruits and vegetables is guaranteed by 2 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel. 

Thermal Insulation

The door provides thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m*K with a European polyol system at 50 kg/mdensity.

Door Hardware

The gas-tightness is guaranteed by 6 mechanical eccentric clips and a two-chamber rubber seal gaskets by Fermod (France), the world leader in the production of refrigeration doors hardware.

Handles developed by PH Insulation engineers are installed onto both sides of the door for easy opening and closing.

Door Options 

Sealed viewing window 600x800 mm. 

AISI 304 or 430 stainless steel, Food Safe, PVDF  for the door leaf.

Right or left opening.

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Откатные герметичные двери Откатные герметичные двери

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