Fast Build Construction with Insulated Panels

Холодильные склады

Refrigerated warehouses are used to store your fruits, vegetables or other products at controlled temperatures to prolong their life.

Холодильные склады и камеры с регулируемой газовой средой, РГС

Perfect sealing of warehouses and cold chambers with controlled is vital to store perishable products: berries, fruits and vegetables. For building controlled fruit and vegetable ripening, CA and gas sealed rooms PH Insulation offers insulated panels with PIR Premier and PUR Classic cores.

Распределительные центры, складские помещения
Warehouses and fulfillment centers made of PIR Premier sandwich panels provide the required temperature regime, and the CA warehouses provide air-tightness for storing fruits, berries and vegetables. You can save time and budget building warehouse with sandwich panels: the construction is fast, reliable and energy efficient.
Здания для сельского хозяйства
Modern buildings in agriculture, be it cowsheds, vegetable or fruit storages, meat processing plants, are typically built with PIR Premier sandwich panels. Due to their low thermal conductivity, sandwich panels will help you save costs during operation - the insulated panels keep heat or cold well, so you can save on air conditioning or heating. Sandwich panels are produced in any RAL color and can be installed in any weather conditions.
Пищевые производства
Food Production Facilities built of PIR Premier sandwich panels keep heat or cold well, so you can purchase less powerful air conditioners or other systems for maintaining the required temperature.
Производственные здания
To build a modern industrial building or insulate an old building, you will need sandwich panels: three-layer structures made of two layers of metal and insulation. Sandwich panels can help you save costs during construction and operation. The insulated panels are quick to assemble and are used to keep heat or cold inside the building, so you can save on air conditioning.
Офисные здания
For fast construction of office buildings, you can use sandwich panels with PIR Premier or mineral wool. Sandwich panels with PIR Premier have the European certificates EI45, CE.
Здания с солнечными панелями
In PH Insulation you can buy solar panels for installation on the roof or wall PIR Premier insulated panels - on a building or refrigerating chamber.
Чистые помещения
Cleanroom by PH Insulation is a ready-to-use room (rooms) with controlled environment which can maintain the necessary temperature.
Модульные бытовки
Modular cabins made with PH Insulation PIR Premier sandwich panels. They are assembled using frame or frameless technology and are supplied as a complete kit for assembly on site. They can be assembled in any weather conditions; when installed in warm climates, they maintain a comfortable internal temperature due to the low thermal conductivity of sandwich panels with PIR Premier and thermal insulation at the joints of the sandwich panels.

Prefabricated constructions are popular worldwide thanks to

  • high construction speed

  • light construction weight and therefore low cost of foundation making

  • building’s resistance to wind and snow loads

  • less garbage at construction site since you don't need to use mixtures like cement

  • energy efficiency

  • comfortable indoor climate due to sandwich panels’ thermal insulation properties

  • durability

  • easy construction in both cold and hot climate

  • no need for external and internal finishing. PH Insulation produces sandwich panels in any color according to the RAL catalog

  • modern look

In PH Insulation you can order sandwich panels for roof, walls, floor and inner rooms. Our specialists will calculate for you the required amount, type and thickness of sandwich panels based on your facility’s purpose. Completely free of charge.

Prefabricated buildings are used to quickly build hospitals and medical centers temporary administrative or industrial buildings in areas of conflict, epidemics and during other emergencies warehouses sheds auto repair shops and washes office and storage buildings cabins supermarkets

Prefabricated constructions are easy to install. Sandwich panels are attached to metal structures in a few days and do not need external or internal finishing.

PH Insulation sandwich panels are produced on our 2 continuous lines in Moscow and Tula region and on 1 periodical line in Moscow region. 

For prefabricated building you can order sandwich panels with 3 types of insulation:

  • PIR Premier. It is a customized PIR system which is created from the best materials in our own R&D center since 2016. PIR Premier sandwich panels are marked with CE mark and conform to EN 14509 certification. The main advantage of PIR Premier is its thermal insulation up to 0,0194 W/(m*K) and high fire resistance: EI45

  • PUR Classic. It is a polyurethane made by leading PUR systems’ manufacturers. The main advantage of PUR Classic sandwich panels – they can be equipped with eccentric locks which provide closer fitting of panels to each other.

  • Mineral wool. This fireproof insulation material is used for construction of buildings with high fire ratings.  Durability of PH Insulation sandwich panels with mineral wool is achieved by using an adhesive layer with improved characteristics created in PH Insulation R&D center. The main advantage of mineral wool is fire resistance: EI180


  • Temperature regime: depends on operating conditions

  • Sandwich panels thickness: depends on sandwich panels' type – 30 to 250 mm

  • Sandwich panels width: depends on sandwich panels' type – 1185 and 1000 mm

  • Sandwich panels length: up to 16000 mm

  • Sandwich panels core: fireproof polyisocyanurate PIR Premier made of world’s best components, polyurethane PUR Classic or mineral wool

Why Order Prefabricated Panels in PH Insulation?

15-year PH Insulation’s experience with sandwich panels allows you to:

  • quickly receive prefabricated constructions in accordance with your technical specifications

  • enjoy free calculation of the quantity and thickness of panels 

  • purchase sandwich panels with any metal coatings of your choice from world leading metal suppliers

  • choose from 11 types of refrigerated doors: hinged, swinging, sliding, fire-resistant, industrial, etc 

Why Choose PH Insulation as Your Supplier?

Trustworthy supplier. PH Insulation’s products are used in 15 countries across the globe, including Germany, USA and Mongolia. PH Insulation was founded 15 years ago to become the largest Russian producer of insulated panels with polyurethane core. Every third panel with PU and every 10th panel with any core in Russia is produced by PH Insulation.

Guaranteed quality. PH Insulation produces more than 3 mln sq. meters of sandwich panels per year. Sandwich panels are produced with metal from famous manufactures: SSAB, Arcelor Mittal, Tata Steel, etc.

Guaranteed tightness and preservation of cold or heat. The tightness of PH Insulation’s panels is ensured by the deepest docking lock on the Russian market: 20 mm.

Unlimited free consultations. Before start, during the construction and after your project is finished PH Insulation Technical Department’s specialists will consult you on all issues related to the construction free of charge.

Supervising of installation. Our specialists will visit your sites in case you need your subcontractors to be consulted.

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