New On-Site Solar PV System will reduce PH Insulation’s CO2 emissions by 10 times

Key points:

  • By November 2022, PH Insulation will install 1910 roof solar panels on 4 of its production facilities
  • The new solar station will increase the share of renewable electricity at PH Insulation to 20%
  • By 2023, PH Insulation will reduce its CO2 emissions by 10 times

PH Insulation will become the first manufacturer of sandwich panels and refrigeration doors in the world to have 20 percent on-site renewable energy generation.

PH Insulation will install rooftop solar PV project comprising of 1910 solar panels on the company’s 4 production buildings by November 2022. The renewable energy project will have a total capacity of 800 kW and will account for 20 percent of the PH Insulation energy consumption. The on-site solar PV system will empower PH Insulation to reduce its CO2 emissions by 10 times to 200 tons per year.

“By 2023, we aim to become the most environmentally friendly manufacturer of sandwich panels and refrigeration doors in the world!

There is no other company on the planet today that powers 20% of its manufacturing process with solar electricity, and delivers 3 million square meters of sandwich panels per year to 27 countries”

Sergey Tokmakov
CEO of PH Insulation

Facilitating of renewable energy use is in line with the PH Insulation's mission: to create the most advanced solutions for smart temperature control so that the world would not waste energy and money.

The rooftop solar installation will cover an area of up to 11 000 sq. meters. The new PV system will take up all the roofs of the company's buildings: 2 plants with continuous production lines for PIR Premier and mineral wool sandwich panels’ manufacturing, a polyester synthesis workshop, and the refrigeration and industrial doors’ factory.

The on-site solar PV system will be designed and installed by SolarOn, the first manufacturer of solar panels in Armenia.

The new photovoltaic plant will complement the existing smaller wall-mounted one at the PH Insulation’s building. PH Insulation has been using renewable energy since 2016. In 2021, the company developed Solar Sandwich System that enables double energy efficiency: installation of renewable power generation source on energy saving sandwich panels in any kind of building.


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