The first low-temperature refrigerated warehouse with transcritical CO2 refrigeration system in Primorsky Krai is built with PH Insulation’s PIR Premier sandwich panels. Designed to store 8,000 tons of meat, 10,000 tons of fish, fruits or vegetables, the cold storage facility uses the latest cooling technologies that are unmatched in the region.

The project required more than 11,500 square meters of 150 and 100 mm thick wall sandwich panels with PIR Premier insulation in 4 different color combinations, according to the design concept of the building:

  • sky blue RAL 5015 / signal white RAL 9003
  • blue RAL 5014/9003
  • green-blue RAL& 5001 / 9003
  • signal white RAL 9003 / 9003

150 mm thick sandwich panels are used for construction of the outer contour of the building, 100 mm thick – for partitions and medium-temperature refrigerators.

PH Insulation has manufactured and delivered the panels to the Far East in 31 shipping containers. Three weeks needed for transportation.

“Two of the most advanced energy saving technologies were used in the construction of the warehouse: PIR Premier sandwich panels with a unique thermal conductivity of up to 0.0194 W/mK, and CO2 industrial refrigeration systems. Natural refrigerant is completely safe for the environment and is used as an alternative to freon in the most up-to-date projects on the refrigeration market.

The project is also interesting for its non-standard color scheme: RAL 5001 and 5014 colors are used very rarely, so PH Insulation has ordered metal specifically for this building.”

Vardan Nerkararyan
Project manager at PH Insulation’s Industrial Refrigeration Department

Compared to systems with Freon refrigerants, CO2 refrigeration generates increased amounts of heat that can be used for heating premises or water. CO2 equipment empowers owner of a building to curtail  electricity consumption, ultimately reducing operating costs of the project and its payback period.


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