Renewable solar power station was installed at the PH Insulation’s manufacturing site 6 years ago

Key points:

  • PH Insulation has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by over 103 tons converting energy from sunlight into electricity using SolarOn solar power station
  • In 6 years the solar power station has generated over 105,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity
  • Pursuing sustainable development PH Insulation has recycled 83 tons of materials in 2021

A solar power plant, installed at the PH Insulation’s manufacturing site, has generated over 105,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in 6 years lowering the company’s CO2 emissions by more than 103 tons. PH Insulation is one of the few top global manufacturers that use solar energy to manufacture sandwich panels, PIR boards and cold room doors. 

Reducing environmental impact with energy-efficiency technologies remains the highest priority for PH Insulation. The company stays focused on its climate commitments even in times of crises, which inevitably exacerbate environmental issues.


“We have chosen from the outset to pioneer new energy saving technologies in the construction industry. 16 years ago we were among the first in Russia to manufacture insulated products with polyisocyanurate foam, PIR, core that remains the most energy efficient insulation even now. Its thermal conductivity is as low as 0.0194 W/m*K. We were also one of the first companies to use solar energy in manufacturing of sandwich panels and PIR insulation boards.

We hope that we can set a good example, and our clients will appreciate the advantages of using clean energy from renewable sources in the long term.

Solar energy technology is actively evolving with the generation capacity from one square meter of solar panel rapidly increasing, and the cost of installing solar panels is getting cheaper. Bracing for the new economic crisis, the installation of solar energy projects can reduce dependence on power sources which are exposed to volatile international prices”

Andrew Kryzhanovskiy,
Technical Director for Manufacturing at PH Insulation

PH Insulation also reuses leftovers from manufacturing of insulated panels and cold room doors. In 2021, PH Insulation collected over 83 tons of waste for its recycling program – more than a two-fold increase compared to the 2020 level. The advance came as a result of the PH Insulation’s efforts aimed to preserve integrity of material in leftovers, and the expansion of the company's manufacturing site.

PH Insulation recycles cardboard packaging from door fittings and other products, cardboard protective sleeves for film, paper, scrap metal. The paper is delivered for recycling to the Sukhonsky Pulp and Paper Mill, where it is used to produce cardboard. The scrap metal leftovers from production of sandwich panels and refrigerated doors are moved to steel plants. 

Polyurethane foam waste goes for recycling at the PH Insulation factory turning into PIR crumbs for insulation of pitched roofs, ceilings, floors.

PH Insulation employees are collecting used batteries for recycling.

In September 2021, PH Insulation presented a green solution for solar electricity generation and efficient temperature saving: the Solar Sandwich system. The System made of sandwich panels with PIR Premier core and solar panels allows to cut costs on heating or air conditioning by 30%.

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