A new fruit storage facility with a capacity of 5,000 tons is built in Dagestan using PH Insulation sandwich panels. Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov, the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan, visited the construction site.

PH Insulation mineral wool sandwich panels were used for construction of the building structure and interior partitions. PIR Premier insulated panels were used for controlled atmosphere (CA) refrigeration chambers.

PH Insulation is an excellent production company –  they manufacture high-quality products at reasonable prices. They meet the contract deadlines, with on-time deliveries. Their technical and design teams provide wonderful service. The workflow is well-organized through dedicated account managers – every issue is handled promptly and smoothly and resolved efficiently. We are about to start construction of the second phase of the fruit storage building, and we plan to purchase the PH Insulation panels for the cladding of the new 5,000 tons building and new refrigeration chambers.

Gulifa Abasova
Head of farm enterprise

дагестан фруктохранилище 1.jpg

For construction of the agricultural facility, PH Insulation manufactured:

  • 10 600 sq. meters of PIR Premier wall sandwich panels. Thickness of sandwich panels - 50, 120 and 150 mm, color - standard white RAL 9003 on both sides
  • 7 000 sq. meters of mineral wool wall sandwich panels in standard white color RAL 9003/RAL 9003. 80 mm thick wall sandwich panels were used for the internal partitions of the building, and for the external contour – 150 mm thick panels.
  • 2 800 sq. meters of roof sandwich panels with mineral wool in RAL 9003/RAL 9003 color. The thickness of roof panels is 120 mm.

PH Insulation also took on the transportation of building materials and delivered them precisely on schedule to the construction site. With the online truck monitoring system, provided by PH Insulation, the customer was able to accurately calculate the time for unloading the transport and prepare for installation.

PIR Premier sandwich panels are produced on automatic continuous line and reduce cooling or heating costs due to the thermal conductivity of 0.0194 W/(m*K). With special materials for sealing warehouses, PIR Premier sandwich panels provide the highest level of reliability for fruit and berry storage.

PH Insulation sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation are manufactured on automatic continuous line in accordance with the Russian state standard GOST 32603-2021 for buildings with high fire safety requirements. The increased adhesion of mineral wool to metal is provided by PH Insulation’s polyurethane adhesive, developed at the PH Insulation’s R&D Center specially for the panels with mineral wool insulation.

PH Insulation products are used in 27 countries around the globe.

To explore a list of projects built with PH Insulation products in your region, send a request to hello@profholod.com.

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