PH Insulation strengthens quality control of mineral wool. Additional quality control measures are needed to mitigate the hazards of utilizing raw materials that may not fully comply with the production standards.

The purpose of enhanced quality assurance activities is to safeguard the interests of customers during shortage of certain construction materials. As experts in heat management technology, we strive to provide our customers with superior product quality to reduce installation time and maximize the benefits of building and insulating buildings with mineral wool sandwich panels.

Askar Gilfanov
PH Insulation Quality Director

In-depth control is introduced at five stages of the production cycle:

1. Control of incoming raw materials with special attention to the quality of mineral wool

2. Quality control of the adhesive primer manufactured at PH Insulation

3. Sampling before production

4. Product control during production

5. Control of physical and mechanical properties of each batch of finished products

Upon entering the premises of the PH Insulation manufacturing facility, every batch of mineral wool undergoes a three-stage input inspection process:

1. Before unloading, PH Insulation employees check the assortment, quantity, package condition, certificates, quality passports of the products

2. At the production site, geometric parameters are controlled and density is determined

3. PH Insulation’s laboratory determines the physical and mechanical characteristics of samples of mineral wool boards


The results of input control are recorded in the software. Only after successfully passing all three stages of control, mineral wool is allowed into the production of sandwich panels.

PH Insulation’s own adhesive primer, which is produced in a blender, is also tested for quality. The composition of the adhesive is checked for density, viscosity and water content, laboratory foaming is carried out to check the technological times that are necessary for the correct bonding process of mineral wool and metal.

Quality control in the production process and finished products is carried out at all nodes of the production line at 7 control points: from the supply of raw materials to the packaging of finished products.

As part of the output control of finished products from each batch of produced sandwich panels, every day PH Insulation specialists take samples for testing of physical and mechanical characteristics at the PH Insulation production laboratory in accordance with Russian standard GOST 32603.

Quality control in the laboratory is traditionally of significant importance at PH Insulation. Specialists of the laboratory and R&D Center of the company not only check raw materials and finished products, but also develop new components and materials to improve the physical and mechanical properties of sandwich panels.

Since 2019, PH Insulation has been producing wall and roof sandwich panels with mineral wool with a thickness of 50 to 200 mm on a fully automatic continuous Pu.Ma line.

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