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PH Insulation (ProfHolod) is a leading Russian producer of insulated panels with PIR Premier fireproof polyisocyanurate and PUR Classic polyurethane foam cores.

PH Insulation products deliver the highest rate of thermal insulation, k=0,0194 W/m*k, and can be manufactured in standard size ranges or for unique dimensional requirements.

All PIR Premier sandwich panels have EU Certification according to EN-14509 standard.

PH Insulation manufactures:

  • PIR Premier, PUR Classic insulated panels
  • mineral wool insulated panels
  • high quality cold and freezer rooms
  • insulated and industrial doors for grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and warehouses, food processing units, distributions centers and other facilities requiring a room with temperature control.

Your buildings needed temperature is guaranteed by the uniquely-shaped sandwich panel lock designed by PH Insulation, which eliminates cold bridges.

Our cold doors are assembled with premium European door locks, latches, hinges or high-quality accessories manufactured by PH Insulation.

PH Insulation in numbers

  • 16 years of experience
  • 3,0 million square meters of insulated panels with PIR Premier and PUR Classic core produced annually
  • 8,000 cold doors produced annually
  • 20 export destinations
  • 2 continuous Italian Pu.Ma lines for manufacturing of PIR Premier insulated panels, modern Portuguese machines and processing units for manufacturing of PUR Classic sandwich panels and refrigeration doors

Interested in selling PH Insulation products?

PH Insulation insulated panels and doors are used in 20 countries around the world from Germany to USA. If you want to leverage PH Insulation 16 years expertise on the market, impress your clients with top quality insulation products at a very attractive price and earn a premium with every sale, please fill a form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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