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For 16 years, PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, has manufactured and delivered top-quality insulation products to the Russian and international customers.
To provide you with the best insulation possible, our products are made from premium components, carefully selected from around the world by the PH Insulation R&D center.

PIR Premier and PUR Classic sandwich panels and doors by PH Insulation provide the highest thermal insulation compared to other building materials, k=0,0194 W/m*k, and are factory-made in customizable sizes for your particular needs.

PH Insulation manufactures:
  • insulated panels with custom-made fire proof polyisocyanurate PIR Premier core EU Certified by EN-14509 Standard
  • insulated panels with polyurethane foam PUR Classic core with a standard rigid polyurethane system
  • insulated panels with mineral wool
  • refrigerating chambers with or without solar panels
  • refrigeration doors
  • industrial doors
  • multipurpose PIR insulator PIR Plita in foil, paper and other soft facings
  • shaped profiles, flashings.

PH Insulation operates two manufacturing sites, one 40 km from Moscow, Russia, and the second 60 km from Tula, Russia.

PH Insulation offers:

  • high-quality certified products
  • meeting individual sizes and specifications
  • reliable, convenient service
  • clear lead time schedule for order completion
  • comfortable logistics system
  • professional support for the order at any stage (from calculation and design to installation)
  • flexible pricing policies

Corporate Brochure in English, Download PDF file

Corporate Brochure in German, Download PDF file


We are convinced that only the production transparency and honesty with consumers are able to create a really high-quality product.


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