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ProfHolod is a major global manufacturer of sandwich panels with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam. Since 2005, ProfHolod has brought to the market innovative solutions for smart control of cold and heating. To guarantee the quality of ProfHolod sandwich panels, the R&D Center, established in 2016, controls the composition and characteristics of each square meter panel in each batch.
  • 18years in business
  • 2800+customers annually

We chose PIR because we are committed to reducing consumption of the planet’s two most important resources: electricity and fuel. Our job is to produce the most energy-efficient insulation using the most advanced technology

  • The most energy efficient insulation

    PIR’s thermal conductivity is up to 0.0194 W/(m*K)

  • Hygienic

    PIR is used in cold storages for food

  • Eco-friendly

    You can find polyurethane everywhere, from the soles of your shoes to fuel tanks

  • Reliable

    PIR would not budge to mold, mildew, rodents and insects

Our Export Geography
27 countries


ProfHolod is established.

Installation of a pressing machine by CANNON to produce PUR insulated sandwich panels up to 2,5 meters long
August, 2007 ProfHolod installs SAIP pressing machine to manufacture PU sandwich panels up to 6.3 meters long
March, 2010 With the new installation equipment ProfHolod starts to manufacture PUR sandwich panels up to 9.3 meters long
2010 Start of refrigeration doors manufacturing
April, 2012 ProfHolod with other Russian sandwich panel market leaders founds NAPPAN, the Russian Association of PU Sandwich Panels manufacturers
August, 2012 Italian automatic continuous production line PU.MA commissioned in the new building of ProfHolod to manufacture PIR Premier sandwich panels up to 16 meters long at a speed of up to 15 meters per minute
2014 Start of PIR Plita® Insulation Boards manufacturing
January, 2016 ProfHolod opens new facility for insulated doors manufacturing with a capacity of 1,500 doors per month
2016 ProfHolod opens its R&D Center focused on improvement of sandwich panels’ characteristics and ensuring the products’ quality
2016 Pursuing creation of new customized formulated polyurethane system, ProfHolod adds German H&S mixer to the continuous line for mixing of PIR components to improve polyurethane processing
2016 ProfHolod creates customized PIR Premier system with the best world components. The new PIR system empowers ProfHolod insulated panels with incredible physical and mechanical properties: resistance of over 185 kPa in compression strength tests at 10% deformation, and over 160 kPa in tensile strength tests at a density of 40 kg/m3. The PIR Premier panels are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN14509
March, 2017 The Russian Panels Manufacturers’ Association NAPPAN awards ProfHolod with a distinction mark
2017 ProfHolod wall and roof sandwich panels are tested in accordance with the European standard EN 13501 to receive the CE mark
2017 ProfHolod develops BIM Libraries for sandwich panels and fittings
2017 ProfHolod develops its proprietary adhesion primer for PU sandwich panels
2018 ProfHolod develops BIM Libraries for all types of refrigeration doors
February, 2019 ProfHolod acquires second Italian continuous assembly line for manufacturing of PIR Premier and Mineral Wool insulated panels
November, 2019 ProfHolod unveils new corporate logo and brands’ new positioning to reflect its strategy, based on its deep expertise in creating polyurethane foams and providing products that continually improve the quality of the environment.

The mission of ProfHolod: we believe that Russia can provide the most advanced insulation materials for smart temperature control. So that your business can save energy and money, anywhere in the world
2020 ProfHolod puts into operation H&S Anlagentechnik polyester synthesis reactor and becomes the first Russian manufacturer of sandwich panels to manage the quality of its PIR system at the molecular level
2020 ProfHolod’s PIR Plita® insulation boards with foil and fiberglass receive Class E Reaction to Fire Certificates in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the European standard EN 13165
2020 ProfHolod’s PIR Plita® insulation boards receive CE mark certification
2021 ProfHolod produces the 20-millionth square meter of sandwich panels
2021 ProfHolod receives the CE mark certification for its refrigeration doors
2021 ProfHolod develops export markets delivering its products to Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Litva, Mongolia, Nederlands, Nigeria, Poland, Sweden, the UK, the United States


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