PH Insulation has started commercial operation of the solar power station in the town of Shchelkovo, Moscow region at its sandwich panel production facility. The station has a capacity of 552 kW and is the largest in the Shchelkovo district.

From December 2022 to mid-May 2023, the solar panels generated 198 MWh of electricity. The total capacity of the PH Insulation’s solar power plant will be increased to 800 kW in the summer of 2023, providing up to 50% of the company's electricity needs.

The solar power station was designed and installed by SolarOn, the first manufacturer of solar modules in Armenia.

The project was quite challenging due to the non-standard roof design of the factory. When the buildings were initially designed, no one anticipated the installation of solar modules on the roofs. Moreover, buildings have different roof structures, with one having a soft roof and the other having pitched roof made of sandwich panels.

SolarOn engineers developed an ideal technical solution that allowed for the installation of solar modules and connection to consumers. SolarOn also supplied software that enables online monitoring and management of the solar station.

Sergey Koryagin
Head of the PH Insulation Project Office

PH Insulation has been using solar energy on the factory since 2016, and has been offering customers the Solar Sandwich solution since 2021.


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