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PH Insulation Expands Its Range of Sliding Doors with Gas-Tight Sealing


Key points

  • PH Insulation presents 100, 120, and 150 mm thick doors for refrigeration chambers, the doors height is up to 3,500 mm
  • PH Insulation's expanded range of CA SD is expected to take its rightful market share due to the pricing and traditionally exceptional customer service

PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, expands the range of its Sliding Doors with Gas-Tight Sealing for controlled gas environment warehouses. The doors are available in 100, 120, and 150 mm thicknesses with height up to 3,500 mm. Sealing doors with the new dimensions were designed by the Technical Solutions and New Developments Department of PH Insulation in response to market demand.

Discussions with professional contractors for building gas-tight warehouses have shown that the market needs doors with various size ranges. We are committed to listen carefully to the needs and preferences of our partners pursuing the much sought-after solutions. Our engineers have developed the doors in the needed sizes in very tight timelines. We are certain that the new sizes of PH Insulation doors will take its rightful market share due to the pricing and our traditionally exceptional customer service, says Stanislav Djuraev, Head of Industrial Cold Division of the PH Insulation Commercial Department.

PH Insulation's 100, 120, and 150 mm thickness gas-tight sliding doors are designed for thermal insulation of door openings in cold rooms with controlled fruit and vegetable ripening, CA, and gas-tight applications. The doors are used in chambers with +2 to +45 temperature range, 80 percent constant humidity or 100 percent short duration humidity. PH Insulation gas-tight doors can withstand pressure up to 500 Pa.

Since 2020 PH Insulation has manufactured refrigerated doors for gas-tight and CA warehouses. The doors with 80 mm thickness are installed at food facilities in Russia and Belarus. To receive a full list of sites built with PH Insulation products, please ask your personal manager at PH Insulation or send a request to


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