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PIR Premier for the Largest Baltic State: PH Insulation Delivers Sandwich Panels to Lithuania


Key points:

  • PH Insulation has manufactured and delivered over 800 sq. m of PIR Premier sandwich panels for the construction of a granite manufacturing site in Lithuania
  • The contractor has chosen PH Insulation sandwich panels for their extremely low thermal conductivity 0.0194 W/m*K
  • For the new workshop the contractor plans to order more PIR Premier sandwich panels 


For the construction of the granite production in Lithuania PH Insulation has manufactured 324 sq. m wall and 517 aq. m roof PIR Premier sandwich panels. The insulation materials have been delivered to a construction company specializing in construction of industrial buildings in the European Union, including Germany, Lithuania and Poland.

The contractor has chosen PH Insulation sandwich panels for their extremely low thermal conductivity 0.0194 W/m*K. The PIR Premier insulated panels are certified according to the European CE standard.

With ongoing global lockdowns and restrictions, PH Insulation carried out all negotiations through videoconferencing. PH Insulation specialists have provided free consultations and have been engaged in negotiations with the architectures company. Being meticulous about the details to guarantee the smooth construction, PH Insulation engineers have found some minor inconsistencies in the project documentation, and they have been corrected in time.

Darius Antropikas, Director of granite workshop, Lithuania says,

We have decided to build with PH Insulation sandwich panels, because they are fast and, as it turns out, affordable. And energy-efficient. PH Insulation has delivered sandwich panels on time and we have assembled them in one week. We plan to expand our production using PH Insulation PIR Premier sandwich panels. I will recommend this construction material to my colleagues.

Yuri Savin, Head of PH Insulation Export Sales Department says,

Adding a new country to our map of export destinations, we see yet another proof that the most advanced insulation products for smart control of heat and cold created in Russia, and the 16-year experience of PH Insulation are certainly coming in useful worldwide. Our professional attitude provides strong foundation for contractors to build successfully in any given country. In Lithuania our knowledge of the details of how the sandwich panels are assembled, has allowd us to make sure both the construction company and the contractor save their effort and money.

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