On September 18, PH Insulation team took part in the largest running event in Russia — Moscow Marathon. It was the first time the company's athletes participated in an event of this level. The PH Insulation team chose the 10 km distance. The team has both runners who have been doing this sport from school for over 7 years, run several times a week, run 22 km on weekends, and have even done full marathons, as well as amateurs who have never run before.

It was the first time I ran 10 km, but my mind was quite uneasy only at the very beginning, before the race started. As soon as I started running, the rush of endorphins did its job. Already during the race, I decided that I would love to go for it next year as well.

Elena Bocharova
Head of Price Quotations Calculations Office

I ran for fun, I rarely run 10 km distances, but I'm ready to do this again!

Natalia Chuklay
Business Analyst

I've been preparing for this race for two months. I feel satisfied that I have improved my personal result.

Dmitry Kuchkin
Regional Sales Division Manager

The marathon brought together a lot of people energized with a goal, a dream – and when you feel such a high spirit, you start to believe in yourself and strive to improve your result.

Yuriy Savin
Head of Export Sales

Moscow Marathon is the largest Russian running competition, which is held annually since 2013. This year, about 37 thousand people competed at distances of 10 and 42 kilometers.

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2022-09-21 10-49-17.JPG

2022-09-21 10-49-17 (2).JPG

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