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Sandwich Panels for Subarctic Climate: PH Insulation Delivers 3600 sq. m of PIR Premier Sandwich Panels for a Modern Cowshed


To build a modern cowshed for 450 cows in the Arkhangelsk region, PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, manufactured: 

 - more than 2,700 square meters of PIR Premier roof sandwich panels

- more than 900 square meters of PIR Premier wall sandwich panels 

- more than 2,300 linear meters of fittings. 

According to the customer's request, the outer side of the wall sandwich panels was colored in RAL 101 yellow, the outer side of the roof sandwich panels — in leaf green RAL 6002. 

The inner side of all sandwich panels was colored in standard white RAL 9003. The sandwich panels are 80 mm thick. 

The PH Insulation experts provide free calculation and assist in selecting proper coatings, thicknesses, colors and other characteristics of sandwich panels for each object depending on purpose, geographical location, technical requirements of the building. 

PIR Premier sandwich panels allow to save on heating and cooling costs due to its thermal conductivity of up to 0.0194 W/m*K. The PH Insulation panels are produced according to the CE European certificate.

PH Insulation developed the PIR Premier system at its own R&D Center in 2016. Today PIR Premier is the best-selling PIR system in Russia.


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