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10.02.2020 Special Offer for Construction Companies! Purchase 3,000 square meters of Insulated Panels and receive a free iPhone 11
		This offer expires on March 2, 2020		

This offer expires on March 2, 2020

10.01.2020 Label Your Door: All ProfHolod Doors Now Carry Identification Tags
		Identification tags contain a serial number, the year of manufacture, a phone number and the companys website		

Identification tags contain a serial number, the year of manufacture, a phone number and the companys website

25.12.2019 The magnificent eight: ProfHolod manufactured more than 8 000 cold room and industrial doors in 2019
		The milestone 8 000 door is manufactured for pharmaceutical production in the Moscow region		

The milestone 8 000 door is manufactured for pharmaceutical production in the Moscow region

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PH Insulation product catalogue

Refrigerating chambers
Our refrigerating chambers made of polyurethane foam (PIR Premier, PUR Classic) sandwich panels are the optimal solution for storing alimentary and other products requiring regulated temperature conditions. You can order refrigerating and freezing chambers at bespoke sizes, distinguished by high reliability and simple assembly. All our products are certified and produced with European equipment (SAIP, PuMa) benefiting from the most modern technology.
Refrigerating warehouses
Save time and money with PH Insulation refrigerating warehouses made of PIR Premier or PUR Classic sandwich panels. PH insulation will manufacture the panels in the shortest time possible to meet your specific project needs. You can have medium temperature and low temperature warehouses delivered on a turnkey basis, covering design, construction, and the selection of refrigerating equipment. Refrigerating warehouses are used in various branches of industry where specific temperature conditions and hygiene safety must be observed, including the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, and the storage of vegetables and alimentary products, amongst others.
Refrigeration doors
PH Insulation heat-insulating doors are designed for refrigerating and freezing chambers and industrial facilities. The doors are made of in-house-manufactured sandwich panels with polyurethane foam. You can choose between many doors in our product range, including hinged, swinging and sliding refrigeration doors. PH Insulation doors are equipped with the most reliable European hardware and correspond to the highest functional and aesthetic requirements.
Fireproof doors
If you need protection from fire and smoke for cold chambers with fire ratings, PH Insulation can provide you with sliding fire resistant doors. All our doors are certified and approved by independent bodies and equipped with factory-installed hardware by leading European producers.
Door Hardware
For all your cold room or industrial door needs, PH Insulation offers hinges, locks, handles and other hardware made by prominent European companies. You can also purchase heavy-duty metal PH Insulation hardware for sliding doors.
PIR Premier and PUR Classic sandwich panels
At only .022 W/(m*k), our PIR Premier and PUR Classic panels thermal conductivity is lower than any other building material in the world. Because PIR preserves heat or cold more efficiently than other materials, the cost of providing air conditioning or heating is drastically reduced. You can order PH Insulation sandwich panels with two types of foam: 1) our customized blend PIR Premier, a more advanced polyisocyanurate foam, or 2) PUR classic, a polyurethane foam developed by the worlds leading corporations. PU sandwich panels are widely used in civil and industrial construction for the building of refrigerating chambers, warehouses, hangars and prefabricated buildings. Our PIR Premier panels are EU certified according to EN14509 standard.
PIR Plita   energy-efficient insulator
Polyisocyanurate foam boards PIR Plita in soft linings help reduce costs for heating or air conditioning when building a flat roof, renovating industrial building or for the insulation of any residential facility, from a cottage to a balcony.
Shaped profiles (flashings)
PH Insulation offers a wide range of shaped profiles (flashings) for the mounting of energy-efficient buildings and refrigerating chambers made of sandwich panels. These items are manufactured at our production site from galvanized steel and are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and sizes. The assortment of shaped profiles includes: internal and external angles, flashings and channels. Custom designed items are also available.
Solar panels and accessories
For you to save on electricity costs and use the latest green technologies, PH Insulation offers autonomous cold-storage rooms with solar panels. The solar panels are manufactured by our partner, Solaron, the largest manufacturer of solar panels in Armenia.