The All-Armenian Young Chemists’ Tournament for 9-12th-graders was held in Armenia.

PH Insulation has been supporting the Tournament since 2020. This year, in addition to financial assistance, PH Insulation challenged the students with important development areas of the company’s R&D Center, including green chemistry of polyurethane foams, reuse and recycling of polyurethane waste.

The Tournament of Young Chemists is held by the Ayb Educational Foundation since 2010, uniting students in grades 9-12 around chemistry, the vast field of natural science. The competition serves as a platform for young inventors, and a communication channel for schools, universities, teachers, professors and scientists. The organizers of the tournament held lectures, opened experimental sites for studying chemistry. The jury in 2022 included not only experienced industry specialists, but also winners of previous years' tournaments. The team of Heratsi from Yerevan was recognized as the winner of the Tournament.

"I am delighted to see that the number of Armenian teams from various regions is increasing. It means that we are moving towards our goal. The format of the tournament is unique for Armenia, and the help of PH Insulation gives participants the opportunity to ponder on applicable, important, practical and even unresolved issues of the industry and offer their solutions."

Angela Baltayan
Competitions Department of Ayb Educational Foundation

PH Insulation will hold an online conference with the students, the teachers from Armenia will share their experience of the Turnament during various offline meetings.


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