The Research Institute of Fire Safety and Emergency Situations of Belarusian Ministry for Emergency Situations conducted fire resistance testing of the PH Insulation roof sandwich panel with PIR Premier insulation. The protocol issued by the Belarusian Ministry for Emergency Situations confirms that the sandwich panel demonstrate a fire resistance level of RE (30) - the structure endured in the test chamber for over 35 minutes.

The roofing panels used for testing are constructed with standard materials: 0.5 mm thick metal, protective polymer polyester coating, and standard PIR Premier insulation system. The thickness of the sandwich panels is 150 mm.


The fire-resistance test was conducted at the testing and research site of the Research Institute of Fire Safety and the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus. The tests involved monitoring the temperature regime and pressure within the fire chamber according to the national technical standard GOST 30247.0-94.

Our PIR Premier system meets the highest quality standards, and we are pleased to receive yet another validation. Professionals are well aware how meticulously the Belarusian certification authorities test construction materials, especially when the fire resistance is in question.

In line with our company's mission, we will continue to strive to empower our partners in Belarus to leverage the latest energy saving technologies for constructing new facilities.

Vitaly Viktorov
Industrial Design and Standardization Specialist at PH Insulation Design and Technical Documentation Department

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