Hinged double leaf door

Распашные двустворчатые холодильные двери

Door code:

  • HDLD — Hinged double leaf door

  • Characteristics:
    • Width, mm: 80, 100, 120
    • Core: PUR
    • Opening height, mm: up to 5000
    • Opening width, mm: up to 3000

Basic information

Hinged double leaf doors are used when doorway width is over 1400 mm. Such openings are used in cold rooms designed for storing and freezing large-sized products or packs of products. With one leaf open, hinged double leaf doors may be used as a regular hinged door, and with both leaves open, HDLD allows you to transport large-sized loads on trolleys.

Hinged double leaf doors are used in the following facilities:

  • Industrial medium and low temperature cold rooms
  • Refrigerating warehouses
  • Facilities, where high temperature conditions are required
  • In 80% humidity and temperatures from -35...+45°C with a short duration of humidity
  • Storage facilities for large containers and products
  • High traffic areas
  • Rooms where goods are carried manually or transported by trolleys
  • In places where there is no dust, sand, or other loose materials

Double Leaf Refrigeration Door options

Double leaf refrigeration doors with or without threshold

In non-threshold door configuration, a 15948 EPDM sealer is attached to the bottom of the door leaf. If non-threshold cold room maintains low or shock-freezing temperature conditions, it is recommended to add insulated threshold made of stainless steel.

HDLD with threshold
HDLD without threshold

Double leaf refrigeration door with left or right opening. The opening leaf is on the right by default

Both door leaves may have different width, but not less than 550 mm, and can be produced according to your individual project. Door leaves are produced with equal width by default.

Medium and low temperature refrigeration doors

Door sizes

Door leaf thickness, mm: 80, 100, 120
Opening height: up to 2400 mm in standard and up to 3000 mm in R series with locks and hinges by Rahrbach, Germany
Opening width: up to 2400 mm in standard and up to 5000 mm in R series

You may see standard hinged double leaf door dimensions in the table below

Door type Opening
width, mm
height, mm
Door leaf
width, mm
Door leaf height, mm
With threshold Without threshold
HDLD 1200 1900 ХХ 1200 1900 1300 2000 1915
HDLD 1200 2000 ХХ 1200 2000 1300 2100 2015
HDLD 1200 2100 ХХ 1200 2100 1300 2200 2115
HDLD 1200 2200 ХХ 1200 2200 1300 2300 2215
HDLD 1200 2300 ХХ 1200 2300 1300 2400 2315
HDLD 1200 2400 ХХ 1200 2400 1300 2500 2415
HDLD 1400 1800 ХХ 1400 1800 1500 1900 1815
HDLD 1400 1900 ХХ 1400 1900 1500 2000 1915
HDLD 1400 2000 ХХ 1400 2000 1500 2100 2015
HDLD 1400 2100 ХХ 1400 2100 1500 2200 2115
HDLD 1400 2200 ХХ 1400 2200 1500 2300 2215
HDLD 1400 2300 ХХ 1400 2300 1500 2400 2315
HDLD 1400 2400 ХХ 1400 2400 1500 2500 2415
HDLD 1600 1800 ХХ 1600 1800 1700 1900 1815
HDLD 1600 1900 ХХ 1600 1900 1700 2000 1915
HDLD 1600 2000 ХХ 1600 2000 1700 2100 2015
HDLD 1600 2100 ХХ 1600 2100 1700 2200 2115
HDLD 1600 2200 ХХ 1600 2200 1700 2300 2215
HDLD 1600 2300 ХХ 1600 2300 1700 2400 2315
HDLD 1600 2400 ХХ 1600 2400 1700 2500 2415
HDLD 1800 1800 ХХ 1800 1900 1900 2000 1915
HDLD 1800 1900 ХХ 1800 1900 1900 2000 1915
HDLD 1800 2000 ХХ 1800 2000 1900 2100 2015
HDLD 1800 2100 ХХ 1800 2100 1900 2200 2115
HDLD 1800 2200 ХХ 1800 2200 1900 2300 2215
HDLD 1800 2300 ХХ 1800 2300 1900 2400 2315
HDLD 1800 2400 ХХ 1800 2400 1900 2500 2415
HDLD 2000 1800 ХХ 2000 1800 2100 1900 1815
HDLD 2000 1900 ХХ 2000 1900 2100 2000 1915
HDLD 2000 2000 ХХ 2000 2000 2100 2100 2015
HDLD 2000 2100 ХХ 2000 2100 2100 2200 2115
HDLD 2000 2200 ХХ 2000 2200 2100 2300 2215
HDLD 2000 2300 ХХ 2000 2300 2100 2400 2315
HDLD 2000 2400 ХХ 2000 2400 2100 2500 2415
HDLD 2200 1800 ХХ 2200 1800 2300 1900 1815
HDLD 2200 1900 ХХ 2200 1900 2300 2000 1915
HDLD 2200 2000 ХХ 2200 2000 2300 2100 2015
HDLD 2200 2100 ХХ 2200 2100 2300 2200 2115
HDLD 2200 2200 ХХ 2200 2200 2300 2300 2215
HDLD 2200 2300 ХХ 2200 2300 2300 2400 2315
HDLD 2200 2400 ХХ 2200 2400 2300 2500 2415
HDLD 2400 1800 ХХ 2400 1800 2500 1900 1815
HDLD 2400 1900 ХХ 2400 1900 2500 2000 1915
HDLD 2400 2000 ХХ 2400 2000 2500 2100 2015
HDLD 2400 2100 ХХ 2400 2100 2500 2200 2115
HDLD 2400 2200 ХХ 2400 2200 2500 2300 2215
HDLD 2400 2300 ХХ 2400 2300 2500 2400 2315
HDLD 2400 2400 ХХ 2400 2400 2500 2500 2415
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Temperature conditions

You may use HDLD without additional heating cables for medium temperature cold rooms (when required temperature is above 0°C). In this case we recommend to use 80 mm thick door leaf.

For freezing cold rooms with temperature from 0°C to -20°C we recommend you to choose 100 mm thick door leaf and additional heating cables for door frame. You can also order insulated threshold made of stainless steel for non-threshold refrigeration doors. In low temperature cold rooms additional heating cable is installed into the sealer of the main door leaf.

For shock freezing cold rooms with temperature conditions below -20°C to -35°C we recommend you to choose 100 mm thick door leaf. It is required to equip the door with heating cable for both door frame and door sealer. Insulated threshold made of stainless steel is installed into the floor in case of non-threshold doors.

Door construction

  1. 0.5 mm thick overhead metal frame painted in RAL 9003 as additional option
  2. 2 mm thick metal door frame with powder coating shagreen RAL 9003
  3. Dual rubber gasket along the perimeter of the door
  4. 0.5 mm thick steel door leaf, RAL 9003
  5. Rahrbach 7501 internal handle of the lock
  6. Rahrbach additional lock
  7. Rahrbach 7501 external handle of the lock
  8. Rahrbach 7514 door hinges
  9. Latch

Door leaf

The door leaf, including the ends, is made of 0.5 mm thick steel sheet, which (unlike end plastic profiles) allows to withstand mechanical shocks and loads. Rigid polyurethane foam with a density of up to 50 kg/m3 is used as a core.

Metal ends give the doors additional resistance to side impacts that are unavoidable during operation.

Depending on the degree of aggressiveness of the working environment, we produce sliding door leafs with the following types of metal:

  • Galvanized steel, painted with white polymer paint (RAL 9003). You may order the door leaf in any color of your choice according to the RAL catalogue
  • Galvanized steel, unpainted
  • Aisi 430 stainless steel for non-food facilities
  • Aisi 304 stainless steel for food facilities
  • Granite Farm organic coat steel for agricultural facilities
  • Food Safe laminated steel

The doors are wrapped in 50 μm thick film to prevent damage when transporting or mounting, the film is easily removed after the installation.


Hinged double leaf doors are equipped with tape-like sealing gaskets made of based on EPDM rubber with a layer of sticky reinforced adhesive protected by tread paper. Sealers in hinged double leaf doors are used at the bottom of the door leaf in the non-threshold doors and along the perimeter of the leaf in all options.

Door frame

PH Insulation door frames are produced of 2 mm thick steel sheet and painted with the color of your choice or standard white RAL 9003. PH Insulation doors and frames are fully customizable with a choice of colors and steel: stainless steel frame AISI 304 for food facilities or AISI 430 – for non-food ones.

Door frame is mounted to the outer wall of the doorway with the mounting kit that is included in the door package.

Door frame size depends on door opening dimensions:

  • Door frame width = opening width + 240 mm;
  • • Door frame height = opening height + 120 mm + threshold height

Door hardware

You can order 2 options of hinged double leaf door hardware

Standard series:

Italian MTH door hinges, MTH door lock. Inner leaf is fixed with galvanized steel latches

R series:

German Rahrbach lock is installed onto refrigeration doors with height up to 5 meters. The required level of insulation is provided with additional closing point.

The fixed door leaf is closed with a special handle made by German manufacturer Stuv. When you turn the lever, the door is fixed simultaneously with two metal rods up and down, which makes closing simple and convenient.

Door hardware mechanisms are made from metal and protected by plastic cover. Lever type handle is wear-resistant, extends the service life of the structure.

Additional locks are installed on doors with a height of more than 2350 mm, which ensure steady clamping.

1. Rahrbach door hinge for HDLD R
Designed for hanging the door leaf onto the frame (opening). The position of the door leaf is adjustable in 3 dimensions (3D). The hinge body is metal. The hinge provides a lift of the door leaf when opening in order to prevent the bottom sealer from rubbing on the floor

2. Rahrbach handles/lever kit with lock and the response part of the lock
Consists of internal and external handles. Rahrbach lock is made from frost-resistant composite materials. In accordance with European safety requirements, the lock is equipped with an anti-lock device that allows you to open the door from the inside if it is accidentally locked. The handle mechanism is made of metal and protected by plastic cover. The handle is installed on doors with a thickness of 80, 100 and 120 mm.

3. Rahrbach additional lock
The Rahrbach lock is used as an additional closing point for steady clamping of the door leaf. Additional lock is installed on the doors with 2350 mm and more height at a distance of 1000 mm from the inner handle or lever.

4. Stuv handle kit for auxiliary door leaf
Consists of the handle and rods with stainless tips. Designed to fix the stationary leaf of double leaf doors. This kit is included in basic configuration of HDLD R.

5. Door leaf
As basic configuration, door leaf is made from 0.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet with multi-layer protection of anti-corrosion coating, primer and protective and 25 µm thick decorative layer of white polyester paint RAL 9003. High quality PUR rigid polyurethane core with density of up to 50 kg/m3 provides thermal insulation.

6. Fermod 67 double rubber gasket
Double rubber gasket made by French manufacturer Fermod is designed for sealing the door leaf of hinged doors with an opening.

7. Door frame
The rigid overhead profile frame is made of 2 mm thick cold-rolled steel sheet with, painted with powder paint.

8. M8-PVC mounting kit
The kit to attach the door frame to the sandwich panel includes: Erickson nut, reinforced thermal nut, thermal washer and stud.

9. Doorway framing
The framing consists of two 0.5 mm thick metal corners, connected by a plastic profile, which guarantees diminishing of cold bridges.

Video Tutorial: How to Install Hinged Double Leaf Doors

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You may choose a color for your door according to RAL catalogue

1014 Ivory 1015 Light ivory
1018 Zinc yellow 3003 Ruby red
3005 Wine red 3009 Oxide red
3011 Brown red 5005 Signal blue
6002 Leaf green 6005 Moss green
7004 Signal grey 8017 Chocolate brown
9002 Grey white 9003 Signal white
9006 White aluminium 9010 Pure white

Additional information

Door code

HDLD Hinged Double Leaf Door
HDLD R R series Hinged Double Leaf Door (with Rahrbach door hardware, manufactured in Germany)
L Door for low temperature cold rooms
M Door for medium temperature cold rooms

Example of the door code

Door type Opening width, mm Opening height, mm Door leaf thickness, mm Coating Threshold height, mm Temperature conditions
Inner side Outer side
HDLD R 1400 2000 100 Ral9003 Ral9003 80 L
HDLD R 1400 2000 100 Ral9003/Ral9003 80 L

HDLD additional options

At your request PH Insulation can add to Hinged Double Leaf Refrigeration Doors the following options:

Doorway framing

Doorways in sandwich panels are framed by a special U-shaped element, which is made of two metal corners and a docking plastic profile

Doorway framing in the sandwich panel

Heated threshold

It is recommended to install a heated door threshold in non-threshold low-temperature sliding doors to prevent the lower part of the seal from freezing to the door frame. A 40W heating cable is installed in the threshold.

Reinforced heated threshold for non-threshold doors

Metal frame heating cable for low temperature cold rooms with temperature conditions below 0°C.

40W per heating cable is installed along the door frame perimeter in order to avoid freezing of the sealer to the door frame

heating cable

20W heating cable for door sealer for low temperature and shock-freezing cold rooms with temperature conditions below -25°C

Heating cable is installed into the inner contour of the door leaf seal. This option suits for shock-freezing chambers.

Mounting kit for fixing the door frame to sandwich panel with opening

Erickson nut with stud

Mounting kit for fixing the door frame to a brick wall

Door frame and door leaf made from stainless steel

You may choose AISI 304 stainless steel for food facilities of AISI 430 stainless steel for non-food ones.

Double-leaf stainless steel door

Viewing window

There are two options of two-chamber plastic windows, single-gazed: 400x400 mm and 400x600 mm.

Double leaf door with double metal-plastic window

Setting the door frame for a monorail

Monorail door frames are installed on sandwich panels or brick walls. Opening width and height for the monorail depend on the dimensions of the products that will move along the monorail. In the basic configuration, the doors with an opening in the frame for the monorail are also equipped with a PVC curtain according to the size of the opening.

Monorail frame without threshold
Monorail frame with threshold

Door leaf bumpers

PH Insulation offers several types of materials for a single leaf door bumper

  • 2 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 2 mm thick AISI 430 stainless steel
  • 4 mm thick flat HDP plastic
  • 1.5 mm thick checkered plate
  • Bumper height is 50 cm as a standard
Door with a bumper: 1.5 mm thick checkered plate

Door ramp

You may choose fixed or overhead door ramp. Fixed ramp is installed to the doors with a non-threshold frame. The overhead ramp is equipped with additional handles for easy movement. Non-threshold low-temperature doors are equipped with a 40W heating cable which is mounted into the ramp in order to prevent the lower seal from freezing to the ramp.

  • Ramp custom depth, mm: 1000
  • Ramp width, mm: from 800 to 2500
  • Ramp height, mm: from 50 to 200
  • Ramp base: 2 mm thick painted steel
  • Ramp top: 1.5 mm thick checkered plate
  • Ramp load: up to 300 kg (661 lb)

Overhead ramp with handles for carrying

Heated ramp for low-temperature door without threshold

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Распашные двустворчатые холодильные двери Распашные двустворчатые холодильные двери

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