Key points:

  • PH Insulation is committed to empower the partners to leverage the advanced energy saving technologies to their fullest potential
  • A new video instruction will help you control the quality of installation of the PH Insulation’s gas-tight sliding doors for CA cold rooms to guarantee the quality of the door operation
  • The video instruction was filmed on a real construction site to show every small detail of installation of a real door

PH Insulation presents a new video instruction tailored for experts in the refrigeration industry and contractors for controlled atmosphere storages. The detailed video showcases how to install the sliding door with gas-tight sealing, filmed at an actual construction site.

The video tutorial, developed by the PH Insulation engineers, provides step-by-step installation instructions, from preliminary measurements and framing of the opening to fixing the frame with the application of sealant under plastic washers and nuts, sealing the joints of the frame adjoining the wall and floor. The video also includes instructions for adjusting the door.

Video can be used to supervise the door installation and to improve the skills of contractors.

We strongly recommend studying this video before installing CA sliding doors in controlled atmosphere chambers. The correct installation of doors in CA cold rooms is critical as storages are subject to increased requirements for tightness. Our CA SDs have all the necessary characteristics to maintain a constant composition of the gas inside the storages. To achieve the desired effect, it is vital to correctly install the doors, accurately adjusting the pressure of the seal.

At PH Insulation, we are committed to empower our partners to use advanced energy saving technologies in the best possible way and learn all the stages of proper door installation. We are confident that our video tutorials will be of significant assistance in that sense.

Rashid Zinatullin
Head of the PH Insulation Technical Solutions and New Developments Department

The video tutorials by PH Insulation, including training videos about hinged, swinging and sliding doors, are available on the company’s website in the Engineering section and in social media, including PH Insulation’s blogs on YouTube and Yandex.Zen.

For any questions related to the installation, operation of any PH Insulation doors or installation supervision, please contact your project managers at PH Insulation.

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