PH Insulation announces a promotion on PIR Plita® insulation boards with special coatings. Only until May 31, 2024, you can purchase PIR Plita® with 10 types of special coatings at a discount of up to 30%.

Special сoatings included in the promotion:

  1. CARBOGLASS flexible coating
  2. CART 90H flexible coating
  3. GLASS 350 PP XTREME flexible coating
  4. STONEGLASS B EVO flexible coating
  5. STONEGLASS T300 flexible coating
  6. VETROPLASTICA G330 flexible coating
  7. Olefol self-adhesive material Ф7П15Б90
  8. Сombined material Б50П50НПП60
  9. Сombined material КМП20Ф7П25Б120
  10. ECOLAM 6L foil

The offer is valid for minimum orders of 150 square meters of PIR Plita® boards with any selected coating.

CARBOGLASS is a fiberglass material used for walls and facades insulation when applying plaster. The facings are composed of a fiberglass base with a mineral coating, reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. This provides excellent adhesion between the plaster and the insulation.

CART 90H — bituminized paper material.

GLASS 350 PP XTREME features a fiberglass base with a bitumen and polypropylene coating. This material is used for construction of pitched and flat roofs designs with roof membranes.

STONEGLASS В EVO has a fiberglass base with addition of graphite and a specialized fire-resistant coating. The coating is made in Italy. The facing thickness is 1.1 mm +/-15%, the sheet density is 630-700 g/m2.

STONEGLASS T300 has a fiberglass base with a mineral coating. The non-slip surface makes it well-suited for the application of putty, plaster, and other decorative coatings. Made in Italy.

For more information please contact PH Insulation managers or send an email to

PIR Plita® is a multi-purpose insulation for residential and industrial buildings. PIR Plita® boards consist of PIR Premier Double Soft polyisocyanurate foam and soft coverings. PIR Plita® helps significantly reduce heating or air conditioning due to its low thermal conductivity of 0,020 W/(m*K), confirmed in the Russian Central Research and Design Institute of Industrial Buildings and Structures.

The PIR Premier Double Soft polyisocyanurate foam system was developed at PH Insulation's R&D Center, providing increased service life of the insulation, exceptional quality and reliability with improved physical and mechanical properties.


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