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PIR for the European Kingdom: PH Insulation Delivers PIR Plita to Belgium


PH Insulation has manufactured and delivered over 1000 sq. m of 120 mm thick PIR Plita with paper/paper soft linings to Antwerp, the second-largest city in Belgium.

A Belgium company has been looking for a reliable partner to purchase PIR Plita in very tight time frame. PH Insulation has provided guarantees for the dates of manufacturing and quality of the product, presented all necessary certificates and references in European countries.

With global lockdowns and restrictions of 2020, PH Insulation carried out all negotiations in videoconferencing, email and other forms of internet communication.

The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted the traditional communication, dismissed almost all the exhibitions and conferences. It took us a some time to adapt to the new normal: face-to-face meetings with foreign partners switched to email and messengers, production excursions has been reinvented into online videoconferencing. However, even at such dramatic predicament for the B2B, we continue to expand our market reach to multiple countries over the world. The bottom line is, the quality of our production is obvious through any communication device, said Yuri Savin, Head of PH Insulation Export Sales Department.

PH Insulation universal energy-efficient insulator PIR Plita:

  • has the CE European certificate

  • guarantees E Class fire resistance rating

  • allows to save on heating and cooling costs due to its thermal conductivity of 0,020 W/mK

Since 2005 PH Insulation has been manufacturing and delivering the most advanced insulation products for smart temperature control to Russia and 20 countries across the globe. 


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