Energy Safe Technologies


Fish factory

Office building and warehouse

Soft drinks production

Ice cream production

Office building and warehouse

Cold room for dairy products

Refrigerating chamber in a hospital

Cold room for lettuce

Refrigerating chamber in a supermarket

Floating hotel

Refrigerating Chamber

Office building

Refrigerated warehouse


Cold Storage inside Office

Office building and warehouse

Refrigerated warehouse

Timber mill

Meat processing workshop

Refrigerated warehouse

Hospital Infection Block Gateway


Metallurgical workshop

Carrefour market

Apple storage and packaging workshop

Fruit storage

Semi-finished warehouse


Vegetable store

Production building

Vegetable store

Vegetable store

Vegetable store


Dargett Brewery

Factory for tailoring

Warehouse space

Full cycle farm

Mill complex in Kostanay

Caviar storage cooler

Production of soft ice-cream

Manufacture of bakery products

Cheese production

Refrigerated warehouse in Yerevan

Utair Airlines Onboard Catering Production

Fish processing complex

Car Service

Frozen meat foods production

Agro-industrial complex

Greenhouse off Caspian Sea coast

Rosneft Olympics Exhibition Center

Irbis hotel

Production and storage facility

Lenta supermarket

Bathroom and toilets equipment production

Sorting facility inflight food production

Cold storage facility for red caviar

Local farmers market

Fruit warehouse

Sausage processing line

Coca-cola cold storage facility

Distribution center

KFC fast food restaurant

Lenta supermarket

Damate turkey meat production

Meat production facility

Office building of PIR panels - Refrigerated warehouses

Office building of PIR panels - poultry houses

Office building of PIR panels - Logistics complexes

Office building of PIR panels - Pigsties

Office building of PIR panels - Warehouses

Cold chambers, pavilions, temporary construction trailers

PIR Plate insulation