Refrigerating Chambers

Refrigerating chambers
Refrigerating chambers
Our medium temperature refrigerating chambers are intended to store and cool food, medicines, wine and other products, in the temperature range +14°С to −5°С. They are widely used in commerce, the pharmaceutical industry, and the services industry. They are assembled from 40, 50, 60 and 80mm thick polyurethane (PIR Premier or PUR Classic) sandwich panels. They are designed for indoor and outdoor installation. The prefabricated-demountable refrigerating chambers can either be manufactured in standard sizes or can be custom made to match individual designs.
Freezing chambers
Freezing chambers
Our low temperature refrigerating chambers maintain temperatures from −5°С to −35°С. Such chambers are used for freezing and storing frozen products, and are particularly popular for the storage of food (meat, fish, frozen vegetables and fruit). For you to save energy, freezing chambers are assembled of PIR Premier or PUR Classic sandwich panels with a thickness of 100mm or more. The special improved system of tongue-and-groove junctions allows quick mounting of the chamber, avoiding "cold bridges".
Shock-freeze chambers
Shock-freeze chambers
Our shock-freeze chambers are assembled of polyurethane foam sandwich panels with a thickness of 150 mm or more. They are intended to maintain temperatures from −25°С to −35°С. Shock freezing allows food products to be stored for a long time without losing their nutritional and gustatory qualities. The high thermal insulation properties of the sandwich panels and the elimination of "cold bridges", due to the unique design of the panel joints, significantly increases the efficiency of the operation of these refrigerating units, which can deep freeze products within 1-1,5 hours.
Chambers for flowers
Chambers for flowers
Our refrigerating chambers for flowers are designed to store flowers and bouquets in optimal temperature conditions. These storage conditions ensure the cut plants remain fresh for several times longer. On demand, PH Insulation’s experts can design a chamber of any size and configuration.
Solar-powered cold chambers
Solar-powered cold chambers
Our solar-powered cold rooms with modern solar panels provide refrigeration capacities that utilize green energy from the sun, in combination with electrical generators and direct connections to the electrical grid.
Cold chambers for morgue
Cold chambers for morgue

In PH Insulation you can buy medium and low temperature refrigerating chambers for mortuaries. The chambers are assembled from ProfHolod sandwich panels with PIR Premier or PUR Classic insulation, refrigeration doors, and shaped elements.

Prefabricated refrigerating chambers made to order

Our refrigerating chambers are made of polyurethane foam (PIR Premier, PUR Classic) sandwich panels, and are used for goods storage at low temperatures. They are assembled with the use of shaped profiles (flashings).

Our prefabricated-demountable refrigerating chambers can be produced in practically any configuration according to the dimensions given by the customer to suit different maintained temperatures. Installation of separate, isolated sections is possible inside the chambers.

The special junction locking profile of a tongue-and-groove type allows quick and easy assembly (and disassembly) of the appropriate configuration chamber. The junction lock’s design provides complete thermal and hydro insulation for the room. The prefabricated-demountable chambers can be used for the storage of products either at medium or low temperature. 80 mm thick panels are used for the medium temperature chambers, while 100 mm panels are used for freezing chambers.

The simplicity of assembly and disassembly makes it possible to change the chamber location or to modify its dimensions.

Advantages of PH Insulation refrigerating chambers

Individual size

Our refrigerating chambers are produced according to bespoke dimensions. For the customer’s convenience, a standard dimension scale and price list are provided. Based on them, you can gain an idea of the approximate cost of an individually sized chamber.

Superb PIR or PUR insulation

  1. PH Insulation manufactures panels with fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR Premier or foam polyurethahe PUR Classic filler – insulators with the lowest heat conduction coefficient among the common heat insulating materials (k=0,022W/ m2*K).
  2. The foam polyurethahe PIR Premier is made from the world’s best components, while PUR Classic is obtained from leading European chemical companies.
  3. Sandwich panel joints are of a tongue-and-groove type and have a unique configuration which effectively prevents cold bridges and allows easy assembly of the chamber.

Proven durability

The outer layers of the sandwich panels used for our refrigerating chambers are made from 0,5-0,7 mm thick galvanized steel coated with polyester paint. Such a casing prevents mildew, stains, fungus and other undesirable consequences when operating in difficult conditions.

Wide selection of colors

The standard panel color is white (RAL9003). Different colors are available for the panels within the RAL catalogue.

Easy mounting

An appropriate kit of shaped profiles (flashings) is made for every chamber for quick and reliable mounting.

Refrigeration doors with European hardware

PH Insulation manufactures a wide range of refrigeration doors for various temperature conditions, opening types and sizes.

Additional options

For you to save on electricity costs and use the latest green technologies, you can add solar panels to your cold-storage rooms.

For the mounting of energy-efficient refrigerating chambers made of sandwich panels you can order a wide range of shaped profiles (flashings).

If you need accessories for your cold or freezing chambers, you can order from PH Insulation PVC curtains, heating cables, bumpers, door ramps, etc. Installing a transparent PVC strip curtain in the door aperture helps to noticeably reduce the energy consumption caused by the frequent door opening.

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