PH Insulation has reduced the production time for its standard products. You can now pick up PIR Premier sandwich panels, multi-purpose insulation, PIR Plita® insulation boards, PH Insualatin doors from the PH Insulation warehouse just 28 calendar days after payment date. For sandwich panels with mineral wool, the wait time is only 45 calendar days after payment date. These minimum production times apply to sandwich panels, PIR Plita® insulation boards, refrigeration and industrial doors with standard coatings, in standard colors and sizes.

The high production rates of PH Insulation products are achieved through:

  • the operation of two fully automated production lines for sandwich panels and PIR Plita® insulation boards, enabling the precise and timely manufacturing of energy-efficient materials for the construction and refrigeration industries
  • in-house formulation of PIR systems at the PH Insulation R&D Center. The independent development of PIR Premier, the top-selling PIR system in Russia, reduces dependence on imported raw materials and ensures the stability of order fulfillment timelines
  • digitalization of technological processes
  • operation of periodic lines that allow for the efficient production of small quantities of sandwich panels.
  • long-term partnerships with leading Russian and international suppliers of metal, mineral wool, and components for PIR Premier

At PH Insulation, we understand the challenges our customers face in today's market, where certain building materials are in short supply. That's why we guarantee the shortest possible production times, so that our clients can rely on us when they need us most. With 18 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a wealth of expertise in creating PIR systems and have integrated digital solutions into our production processes. This allows us to accurately predict demand peaks and prepare for them accordingly, while maintaining our productivity and quality standards. We are committed to offering the best possible conditions to help our clients save both time and money

Stanislav Dzhuraev
Director of Sales Department at PH Insulation


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