PH Insulation invites its partners to the International Expo AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2023. The Expo will be held in Tashkent on March 15-17, 2023. PH Insulation's booth number С64 at Pavilion 2.

The huge potential of agriculture in Uzbekistan can boost the country's economic growth. Sustainable development of the agricultural sector requires modern technologies that increase productivity and save time and money.

At PH Insulation’s booth at the Expo, agricultural industry experts will get all the necessary information on the use of the most advanced energy saving technologies for construction and operation of vegetable and fruit storage facilities, cold rooms and freezers, gas-tight and CA warehouses, food processing plants, and industrial buildings.

PH Insulation will present at the Expo the fast solution for cold rooms construction: modular structures with eccentric locks. Modular cold rooms can significantly increase the speed of installation due to the pre-installed door, providing cost reduction as there is no need to order fittings separately and reduce construction waste.

Sandwich panels are the most advanced construction material for modern energy-efficient buildings all over the world, and at PH Insulation you can order sandwich panels with PIR Premier insulator. PIR Premier sandwich panels provide the utmost heat or cold saving due to its thermal conductivity at 0.0194 W/m*K, have CE mark and are manufactured according to the European standard EN14509.

Especially for the agro-industrial complex and food production facilities, PH Insulation manufactures sandwich panels and doors with non-standard coatings:

  • Food Safe for meat, dairy shops. Absolutely safe for direct contact with food. Coating thickness: 120 µm, RUV 4, RC 5
  • PVDF for barns, poultry houses. PVDF boasts high corrosion resistance, high UV resistance. Coating thickness: 35 µm, RUV 4, RC 4
  • PU for agricultural buildings. PU has increased mechanical strength and wear resistance, resistance to atmospheric factors. Coating thickness:  35-50 µm, RUV 4, RC 5
  • AISI 304, ISI 316, AISI 321 stainless steel for meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, meat cutting, cold stores for fruit storage
  • other coatings according to specific projects

At the PH Insulation booth, visitors will be able to learn about the benefits of using

  • wall and roof sandwich panels with mineral wool, produced in accordance with the regional GOST technical standard 32603-2021 for buildings with increased fire safety requirements
  • 18 types of PH Insulation doors: single- and double-leaf, technical or swinging, and special sealed doors for cold conservation rooms, controlled fruit and vegetable ripening, CA and gas sealing applications.
  • Solar Sandwich system — a green energy combination of PIR Premier insulated panels with solar panels. The system allows to save up to 30% on air conditioning or heating, and can fit well into the national program "Improving the energy efficiency of social, commercial and administrative buildings and structures", which is currently developed in Uzbekistan
  • multi-purpose insulated boards PIR Plita® in paper, foil, film, or fiberglass for insulation of buildings and construction of flat roofs

Production time of sandwich panels and other PH Insulation products is only two weeks. PH Insulation guarantees the delivery of all its products to the construction sites in Uzbekistan just in time.

PH Insulation sandwich panels and cold room doors are used in Uzbekistan for construction of warehouses cold chain warehouses for ice cream, apple storages, meat processing plants, and other buildings. At the AgroWorld Uzbekistan Expo, which was held in 2018, PH Insulation received the award for the Most Innovative Company Presentation.

To get the full list of projects in Uzbekistan, send a request to

AgroWorld Uzbekistan Expo will be held at Uzexpocentre NEC, Tashkent, Uzbekistan on March 15-17, 2023.

Free tickets are available at


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