PH Insulation, Russia's largest manufacturer of sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate foam insulation, invites partners to international Construction and Interior Expo in Yerevan, Armenia. The trade fair will be held on May 19-21, 2023 at Yerevan Expo, the PH Insulation’s booth can be found on the second floor in pavilion C.

Visitors will be able to learn about construction of energy-efficient buildings with sandwich and solar panels. Fast build construction with sandwich panels is used in manufacturing, agricultural, trade and other sectors of the economy due to the short construction time, energy efficiency, and modern look.

For professional builders and developers, PH Insulation will present at the Expo the most popular range of its products:

  • sandwich panels with fire-resistant PIR Premier polyisocyanurate foam insulation. Boasting a uniquely low thermal conductivity of 0.0194 W/m*K, PIR Premier sandwich panels are produced according to the European standard and have a CE certificate
  • sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation for buildings with high fire safety requirements. Sandwich panels with mineral wool are produced in accordance with GOST 32603-2021
  • 18 types of refrigeration and technological doors
  • universal insulation "PIR Plate"® with paper, foil, film for thermal insulation of industrial buildings and private houses

PH Insulation also offers Armenian developers the Solar Sandwich system, a unique combination of sandwich panels with PIR Premier core and solar panels. The innovative system allows to save up to 30% of heating or air conditioning costs. Solar Sandwich can be installed during the construction of a new building or on an already built object.

You can order all energy saving materials in PH Insulation in any colors and with any coatings:

  • Food Safe for meat, dairy shops. The coating is absolutely safe for direct contact with food. Coating thickness: 110-120 µm, RUV 4, RC 5
  • PVDF for poultry houses and barns with increased resistance to pollution, the ability to operate in aggressive environments. Increased UV resistance. Coating thickness: 25-40 µm, RUV 4, RC 3
  • PU (polyurethane coating) for agricultural buildings. The material has increased mechanical strength, wear resistance, and resistance to climatic conditions. Coating thickness: 35-50 µm, RUV 4, RC 5
  • food grade stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321 for meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, butcheries, etc.

PH Insulation has supplied sandwich panels and refrigeration doors to Armenia for construction of major strategic facilities, including Power Plant-2 near Yerevan and the passenger terminal at Shirak Airport, as well as metallurgical industries, buildings for the food and textile industries, and major supermarket chains.

For the full list of projects in Armenia, please send a request to

The Construction and Interior Expo will be held on May 19-21, 2023, at the exhibition complex Yerevan EXPO in Yerevan


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