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Black amber and white aluminum: the largest mill complex in Kazakhstan is built of ProfHolod PIR insulated sandwich panels ProfHolod delivered in Kazakhstan wall and roof PIRinsulatedsandwich panels


ProfHolod supplied 6 340 m2 of wall and 1 840 m2 of roofing PIR sandwich panels for the construction of the largest in the northern Kazakhstan mill complex.

The daily capacity of the complex for processing grain is over 700 tons, it is a landmark project for the country. According to the media, investments in production will exceed 3 billion tenge (8.7 million dollars).

At the request of the customer, the sandwich panels are made in four colors: black amber RAL 9005, blue-gray RAL 7031, light gray RAL 9002, white-aluminum RAL 9006. The product was delivered to the customer within three daysfrom ProfHolod production facility in the Moscow region to the construction site in 14 trucks.

Timur Mukashev, construction manager of the company-contractor: "We chose ProfHolod not only for the quality of its products and the ability to negotiate, including pricenegotiations, but also for speed and attention. Company sales men quickly reacted to our request and visited our site several times before, during and after the construction. "

Alexander Butakov, Head of the Industrial Construction Department of ProfHolod: "As they say about our company, if you couldn’t make a deal with ProfHolod, you just did not talk with the Company. With every customer we strive to get into the tiniest details of the object and meet the client’s requirements. And the customer’s facility can be whatever far away from our office, we are never intimidated by the distance."

ProfHolod panels and cold doors are installed at industrial facilities Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, USA, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, France and other countries.In 2017, the exports of ProfHolod products grew by 46%, the client base of the Company abroad increased by 28%.

ProfHolod creates unique new products for heat management based on world experience and using the best foreign materials.

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