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ProfHolod to become the first Russian manufacturer of sandwich panels to control the quality of its PIR system at the molecular level


ProfHolod announces today that the installation of a polyether synthesis reactor inside ProfHolod’s production complex is coming to a close.

ProfHolod is entering the final phase of installation of a polyether synthesis reactor. To date, all the field supervision has been completed. The German H&S Anlagentechnik’s specialists provide assistance in electrical installation, sensor wiring and final procedures. The installation of the most modern polyether synthesis reactor in Russia will enable ProfHolod to become the first manufacturer of sandwich panels in Russia, which will manage the quality of its customized PIR system at the molecular level.

Semyon Gusev, Chief Technologist, Head of Formulation of PU Systems and Polyether Synthesis at ProfHolod: «To date, we have set up all the key elements of the reactor. We have performed a series of tests to check the level of technological and production load on the polyethers’ production, and are satisfied with the result. The H&S expert team of 9 specialists are engaged in the installation. We assume that with German standards of punctuality we will deliver the installation on time».

In December, ProfHolod plans to begin testing and production adjustment of the reactor equipment. The launch of the project is scheduled for the end of 2019. ProfHolod is to provide a total of €5 million investment for the project.

ProfHolod manufactures PIR Premier system from components carefully selected in the R&D center of the company from leading manufacturers. Sandwich panels with PIR Premier demonstrate resistance of more than 185 kPa when testing compressive strength at 10% deformation and more than 160 kPa in rupture strength tests at a density of 40 kg/m3 in accordance with European standard EN 14509.

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