PIR Premier sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate foam are the ideal solution for construction of cold chain infrastructure needed in Africa

PH Insulation, the major global manufacturer of sandwich panels with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam, will exhibit at the construction expos in Ghana and Senegal in June, 2022

On average, 40 to 50 percent of the fruit and vegetables produced in African countries is wasted. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), this comes mainly as a result of the inefficient supply chain infrastructure. Significant post-harvest losses are encountered by vegetable growers who lack the cold storages to keep the products fresh. Beyond the agricultural sector, COVID-19 and other vaccines also require temperature controlled warehouses.

Insulated sandwich panels with PIR Premier polyisocyanurate foam are the ideal solution for construction of cold chain infrastructure. With extremely low thermal conductivity at 0.0194 W/(m*K), physical and mechanical characteristics, warehouses and refrigeration chambers built with sandwich panels allow to help farmers store the fruits and vegetables.

PH Insulation manufactures insulated panels and refrigerated doors that empower its partners in 27 countries across the globe, including in Libya and Nigeria, to build energy efficient storages and effectively save food, energy and money on air conditioning.

All PIR Premier insulated panels have a CE quality mark. To further improve their characteristics, the PH Insulation R&D Center, established in 2016, controls the PIR foam composition in each square meter of the panels manufactured at the company’s automatic lines near Moscow, Russia.

”17 years of experience in construction and cold chain market, allows us to deliver tailored solutions to build cold chambers of various size and purpose.

When you partner with PH Insulation, you are leveraging the most advanced energy efficient products, developed to increase your margin and save your clients’ energy costs. You can also benefit from short lead time and quality of our products, confirmed by the EU certificates.

Cold chain storages with our sandwich panels and doors are already built in Libya and Nigeria, and we look forward to expand our presence in Africa and find new dealers for mutually beneficial cooperation”

Yuriy Savin,
Head of PH Insulation Export Sales

PH Insulation manufacturers top-quality insulation products and innovative solutions for cold chain warehouses:

  • wall and roof insulated panels with PIR Premier polyisocyanurate foam. PIR Premier system guarantees the quality of sandwich panels that reduce costs for cooling or heating due to its unique low thermal conductivity. PH Insulation sandwich panels have the CE mark and are manufactured according to the European standard EN14509
  • wall and roof insulated panels with mineral wool for types of buildings that need to meet highest fire safety requirements
  • 18 types of refrigeration and industrial doors
  • multipurpose PIR Plita® insulation boards with paper, foil, and film for construction of flat roofs and insulation of any type of new or old buildings

All the PH Insulation construction materials are delivered worldwide. For more information, send your request to info@profholod.com.


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