History of the company

PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, was established in 2005 in Moscow, Russia. To start manufacturing of polyurethane foam insulated sandwich panels the company purchases a pressing machine by CANNON (Italy), which allows the company to produce PUR insulated sandwich panels up to 2,5 meters long.

2007: ProfHolod installs a new pressing machine by SAIP (Italy) to produce polyurethane foam sandwich panels up to 6,3 meters long.

2008: ProfHolod conducts a marketing research reaching out to 150 leading companies specialized in mounting of insulated panels to pin down their specific needs. On the basis of the insights learnt ProfHolod develops a high-precision junction locking profile of tongue-and-groove type, meeting requirements of the market. The locking profile was introduced onto the market in 2010.

2010: ProfHolod purchases new equipment by SAIP (Italy), starting to produce heat-insulating sandwich panels with polyurethane foam up to 9,3 meters long. 
ProfHolod diversifies into the manufacturing of refrigeration doors.

In 2009 and 2010 ProfHolod’s sandwich panels were awarded High Quality Product diplomas at AgroProdMash exhibition in Moscow.

2012: ProfHolod becomes one of the founders of the National Association of Polyurethane Foam Panel Manufacturers (NAPPAN) along with other players of insulated panel market in Russia. 
ProfHolod opens its second manufacturing facility, installing the most up-to-date continuous automatic line in Russia by PuMa (Italy). The line produces wall and roof insulated sandwich panels with PUR and PIR insulation up to 15 meters long at the velocity of 15 meters per minute.

2014: ProfHolod starts production of energy efficient insulator: PIR SLAB.

2015: ProfHolod starts innovative project BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) SOLUTIONS — solutions for use of solar energy in buildings' roofs or facades.

2016: ProfHolod launches new manufacturing line for production of refrigerating and freezing doors, increasing the range of products.

2016: ProfHolod opens its own R&D Center. The Center is located right on the manufacturing site to make physical-chemical research of raw materials, provide on-site support for the production unit and control manufacturing process from start to finish.
ProfHolod installs new equipment for mixing of polyurethanes by H&S (Germany) to improve polyurethane processing as part of the program for development of custom formulated polyurethane system.

2017: ProfHolod receives Special Differentiation Badge of the NAPPAN association.
ProfHolod completes testing of its wall and roof sandwich insulated panels according to the European Standard EN 14509. The European Standard specifies requirements for factory made, self-supporting, double skin metal faced insulating sandwich panels with rigid polyurethane, which are intended for use in roofs, external and other walls (including partitions), and ceilings within the building envelope. 

2017: ProfHolod publishes its Building Information Modeling, BIM, catalogs for PIR Premier insulated panels and shaped profiles on profholod.ru website for free download.

2017: ProfHolod develops its own adhesive system for PIR and PUR insulated panels.

2017: ProfHolod starts producing fireproof refrigeration doors.

2018: ProfHolod opens its firs showroom abroad in Erevan, Armenia

2018: ProfHolod publishes its Building Information Modeling, BIM, catalogs for refrigeration doors on profholod.ru website for free download.

2018: ProfHolod publishes its Building Information Modeling, BIM, catalogs for insulated panels and refrigeration doors on the largest specialized website Bimobject.com.

2019: ProfHolod held talks with European partners at Fruit Logistica exhibition in Germany

2019: ProfHolod purchased the second Pu.Ma line for manufacturing PIR Premier and mineral wool insulated panels

2019: ProfHolod took part in Seafood Expo Global & Seafood Processing Global Exhibition in Belgium

2019: ProfHolod showcased PIR Premier insulation at Big 5 Expo in Dubai, UAE

2019: ProfHolod unveiled new corporate logo and brand positioning

2020: ProfHolod started labelling all its doors with identification tags with a unique digital code

2020: ProfHolod has installed at its manufacturing premises the most advanced polyether synthesis unit produced by the German H&S Anlagentechnik

2020: Elastokam/BASF laboratory recorded unique thermal conductivity of ProfHolod's PIR Premier sandwich panels at 0,0194 W/m*K

2020: ProfHolod presented gas-tight sliding doors for fruit and vegetable controlled atmosphere storage

2020: ProfHolod presented Sliding Double Leaf Doors for doorways up to 5 meters wide

2021: ProfHolod receives CE mark certification for its refrigeration doors

2021: ProfHolod relaunches corporate website

2021: In November ProfHolod’s factory in the Moscow region, Russia, has produced the jubilee 20-millionth square meter of sandwich panel

2022: ProfHolod has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by over 103 tons converting energy from sunlight into electricity using SolarOn solar power station

2022: ProfHolod’s Export Department specialists presented PIR Premier sandwich panels and PIR Plita® insulation boards to Mr. Papo Malik Ndao, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment in Senegal

2022: ProfHolod has conducted first tests of its new improved PIR system. Fire resistance level of the new PIR system boasted 25% increase compared to standard PIR systems, and reached E 45.

2022: ProfHolod has installed 808 solar panels on the building of its first continuous line for the production of sandwich panels

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