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First Delivery of PH Insulation PIR Premier Sandwich Panels and Refrigeration Doors Arrives to Nigeria


PH Insulation has completed the first delivery of sandwich panels and refrigeration doors to Africa. Over 500 square meters of PIR Premier sandwich panels and 11 refrigeration doors have been manufactured in Russia and delivered to Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria.

At the request of the local construction company PH Insulation has manufactured:

-  PIR Premier sandwich panels in white RAL 9003 color

-  hinged refrigeration doors with French hardware by Fermod

-  a sliding door with extra-durable metal hardware by PH Insulation


We are delighted to have the first delivery of our sandwich panels and doors to Nigeria. Africa is not a random addition to PH Insulations map of export countries. The agricultural sectors of Nigeria and other African countries are showing great potential. As the African economies are gaining momentum, the construction professionals in Africa are interested in importing the most advanced energy safe technologies, and we are excited to move ahead with more projects for PIR insulation in Nigeria and beyond," said Yuri Savin, Head of PH Insulation Export Sales Department.

PH Insulation delivers PIR Premier insulated panels and refrigeration doors to 20 countries across the globe enabling the customers to cut costs for air-conditioning and heating with advanced insulation materials, and to reduce consumption of the planets resources.

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