PH Insulation presents a new solution for the refrigeration and construction industry: sliding fire resistant gates, SG EI, designed for warehouses and cold rooms with high fire safety requirements. The sliding gates, developed in PH Insulation's Department for Technical Solutions and New Engineering, are suitable for openings up to 3000 mm wide and 5000 mm high.

The fire resistance limit of SG EI is EI30. This means that the door is able to maintain structural integrity for 30 minutes, preventing the spread of fire and combustion products outside the room.


To seal the SG EI, a double contour of thermal insulation seal and thermal expansion tape are installed along the inner perimeter of the gate leaf. When exposed to high temperatures, the tape expands and fills the gap between the gate leaf and the frame, preventing the spread of smoke and fire into the room.

The gate leaf is assembled only with fireproof sealants and foams. Additionally, 2 mm thick u-shaped steel channels are installed at the leaf edges to reinforce the load-bearing capacity and integrity of the leaf. All elements of the sliding door leaf are made without cold bridges to maintain the required temperature in the premise.

The development of a new product in our fireproof solutions range is driven by market demands. Gates for large openings in warehouses and cold rooms up to 3 meters wide and 5 meters high are actively utilized for the movement of bulky goods and vehicles.

The sliding doors are manufactured using the time-proven Fermatic 3500 guide system and hardware from our own production. The combination of technologies ensures that the construction is resistant to harsh operating. We consistently reduce the import dependency of our production in order to shorten lead times.

Rashid Zinatullin
Head of the PH Insulation’s Department for Technical Solutions and New Engineering

Depending on the level of aggressiveness in the working environment of the facility, in PH Insulation you can offer the gate leaf and frame of fireproof gates made from various types of metal:

  • Galvanized steel, painted with white polymer paint in any color according to the RAL catalogue
  • AISI 430 all-purpose stainless steel
  • AISI 304 food grade stainless steel
  • other coatings 

For more details, please contact your personal manager at PH Insulation or send an email to

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