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System Solar Sandwich
System Solar Sandwich

Solar Sandwich — a unique combination of PIR Premier insulated panels with solar power plant. The solar solution for your building’s walls or roof brings together renewable energy generation and efficient insulation, so that you could save up to 30 percent on air conditioning or heating costs. The Solar Sandwich system leverages the benefits of PIR Premier insulated panels with thermal conductivity at 0,0194 W/mK, and solar panels with premium A grade cells, made by SolarOn, the first manufacturer of solar panels in Armenia. Special fasteners developed by PH Insulation engineers for installation of solar panels on PH Insulation sandwich panels, guarantees thermal bridge-free construction, and ensure the sturdiness of the structure. The renewable energy generation system can be installed on any buildings during or after construction.

Комплект OFF-Grid, 3,25 кВт

Power: 3,25 kW
Price from: 4 006 USD
Комплект OFF-Grid, 5,2 кВт

Power: 5,2 kW
Price from: 6 994 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 10,4 кВт

Power: 10,4 kW
Price from: 9 829 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 20,8 кВт

Power: 20,8 kW
Price from: 17 870 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 25,4 кВт

Power: 25,4 kW
Price from: 22 072 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 52 кВт

Power: 52 kW
Price from: 41 940 USD

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