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System Solar Sandwich
System Solar Sandwich
Solar Sandwich is an innovative solution at the junction of "green" energy and efficient technologies for keeping heat and cold from wall and roof sandwich panels with PIR Premier and solar panels manufactured by SolarOn.
Комплект OFF-Grid, 3.25 кВт

Power: 3,25 KV
Price from: 4 006 USD
Комплект OFF-Grid, 5.2 кВт

Power: 5,2 KV
Price from: 6 994 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 10.4 кВт

Power: 10,4 KV
Price from: 9 829 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 20.8 кВт

Power: 20,8 KV
Price from: 17 870 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 25.4 кВт

Power: 25,4 KV
Price from: 22 072 USD
Комплект On-Grid, 52 кВт

Power: 52 kV
Price from: 41 940 USD

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