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PH Insulation Delivers Over 1200 sq. m of PIR Premier Sandwich Panels to Latvia


Key points:

  • PH Insulation delivers to Latvia over 1200 sq. m of PIR Premier sandwich panels for the constriction of the hangar for aircraft engines' repair
  • At the customer's request PH Insulation has manufactured sandwich-panels in non-standard colors: RAL 5024/ RAL 9003 and RAL 7038/RAL 9003
  • PH Insulation has delivered sandwich panels on time against the backdrop of the driver shortage in the freight market

PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, has manufactured and delivered to Riga, Latvia, over 1200 sq. m of 100 mm thick PIR Premier wall sandwich panels for the constriction of a hangar for aircraft engines' repair. The building is located close to Riga Airport, so it can be seen during take off or landing at the airport.

PH Insulation's products are used in all three Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

At the request of customer PH Insulation has manufactured sandwich panels in different colors on the inner and outer sides: Pastel Blue RAL 5024/ RAL 9003 and Agate Grey RAL 7038/ RAL 9003. The choice of colors has been made to match the overall architectural style of the area where the hangar is built. 


PH Insulation has manufactured all the required sandwich panels in just two weeks. The customer planned to arrange delivery but faced serious difficulties in finding transport due to an acute shortage in the freight market. The professional work of PH Insulation's Logistics department has made it possible for the customer to receive the products on time: PH Insulation has promptly found professional carriers at acceptable price level.

The global lockdowns and travel restrictions has little influence on the arrangements: PH Insulation has carried out all negotiations online. PH Insulation's Technical department experts have provided consultations to the architect from Riga, used video conferences to clear all the details related to fastening of the sandwich panels to the metal frame, joining panels of different colors.

Yuri Savin, Head of PH Insulation Export Sales Department says,

"Latvia is my home country, so I am really glad that PH Insulation has delivered insulated panels to Riga. At the same time I feel greater responsibility to see that all our projects in Latvia go smoothly.

I am pleased to note that PH Insulation's ability to resolve issues quickly and clearly, including online, individual approach, and attention to detail allows us to respond quickly, clearly, and effectively to any, even force majeure circumstances. I see this as a strong basis for trust and future relationships with our partners. Relationships that we aim to cherish and accelerate.

PH Insulation sandwich panels are used to build modern office and warehouse site in Estonia, granite manufacturing building in Lithuania and other energy efficient projects in 23 countries around the globe.

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