SIP panels


SIP panels with PUR Classic polyurethane foam are used for low-rise frame construction of prefabricated houses and cottages, hunting centers, shift camps, construction camps, and tourist facilities around the world.

The big advantage of building with SIP Panels is that walls and corners of the structures assembled with SIP panels are perfectly straight.

SIP panels with PUR Classic are used to build the main elements of building and load-bearing structures: walls, ceilings and partitions, roofing. Strapping beams are used as a frame at the top and bottom. The rigidity of the structure is guaranteed with the OSB boards’ characteristics.

SIP thickness: from 124 mm to 230 mm, width is 1250 mm, length is up to 2800 mm.

The SIPs are made with a rigid oriented strand boards (OSB) produced by Egger, Germany, with thickness of 12 or 15 mm.

Filler: polyurethane foam, density - 42-45 kg/m3, thermal conductivity k=0.022W/m2K. Excellent adhesive properties of polyurethane foam provide for a strong connection of the PUR core with OSB boards.

Download the brochure about SIP panels and find out more

SIP Panels Brochure

Construction of OSB boards

OSB boards consist of several layers of elongated softwood chips perpendicular to each other. Wood chips are pressed and impregnated with resins. With this kind of structure, the boards have exceptional mechanical strength: they successfully withstand delamination and cracking. The waterproof waxes in the impregnation guarantee the panels to resist rotting, mold damage. The boards would not accumulate moisture and are not combustible.

Advantages of SIP panels:

  • Reduced construction time. You will receive SIP panels fully assembled
  • Reduced foundation costs due to the lowest weight of the core, PUR Classic polyurethane foam
  • Durability: SIP panels withstand temperature fluctuations from -50°С to +50°C, and the service life of SIP panels is unlimited
  • Energy efficiency: polyurethane foam is the most modern insulation. Its thermal conductivity is 2 times lower than mineral wool, as low as λ=0.022 W/m*K
  • Environmental friendliness: hygiene class E1
  • Ease of interior decoration: The walls and corners of the premises assembled from SIP panels, are perfectly straight. An even layer of OSB boards allows you to quickly implement any design indoors
  • Moisture resistant: SIP panels do not rot when exposed to moisture
  • Rodents don’t favor the material at all. PUR Classic, polyurethane foam insulation does not attract rodents, unlike other materials


You will have the SIP panels delivered straight to your construction site. The cost of packaging is included in the price of the panels.

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