Hinged Fireproof Refrigeration Door

Распашные противопожарные двери

Door code

HFRD - Hinged Fireproof Refrigeration Door

  • Door leaf thickness: 120 mm
  • Opening height: up to 2400 mm
  • Opening width: up to 1200 mm
  • Fire resistance: EI30

Basic Information

Hinged Fireproof Refrigeration Doors (HD EI) are designed for cold chambers with increased requirements for fire safety. HD EI efficiently keep heat or cold and prevent fire and combustion products from spreading outside the room, diminishing property losses in case of emergency. Fire resistance class – EI30.

Door Construction

  1. Overhead metal frame
  2. Dual rubber gasket
  3. Protecting thermal expanding tape
  4. External handle Fermod 621
  5. Internal handle Fermod 621
  6. Response part of the lock
  7. Hinges
  8. Closers
  9. Set mounting frame (optional)
  10. Metal bumper made of checkered plate (optional)

Door Leaf

HD IE’s door leaf is made of galvanized painted sheets 0.6 mm thick and polyurethane 120 mm thick insulation on the European polyol system.

The integrity and load-bearing capacity of the HD EI is enhanced by 2 mm thick metal embedded elements, which are installed inside the door leaf.

A double contour of thermal insulation seal and a thermal expansion tape are installed along the inner perimeter of the door leaf. When temperature gets over 150°C, the tape expands and fills the gap between the door leaf and the frame, preventing the spread of smoke and fire in neighboring rooms.

The door leaf of HD EI is assembled only with fireproof sealants and foams.

In standard assembly, the door leaf is painted with white color RAL 9003. You can request the door painted in any color available in RAL catalogue.

Depending on the aggressiveness of the working environment PH Insulation produces HD IE with the following metal:

  • stainless steel AISI 304 for food or AISI 430 for non-food products
  • FoodSafe
  • Granite Farm
  • PuralFarm
  • PVDF

Door Frame

HD EI is equipped with a rigid overhead profile frame made of 2 mm thick cold rolled steel.

In standard assembly, door frame is painted with white color RAL 9003, you can choose any other color available in RAL catalogue. You can also order a custom-made door with stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 430 frame.

To prevent the door leaf from freezing at sealing profile, a heating cable is installed inside the door frame. This option is necessary in case you use the door with a low-temperature refrigerator.

To simplify the door installation, the frame is made with technological holes for mounting and fixing accessories.

Thermal Insulation

The door provides thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m*K with a European polyol system at 50 kg/m3 density.

Door Hardware

HD EI is equipped with only metal hardware: reinforced fire hinges made by PH Insulation and a metal lock made by Fermod, a top French manufacturer.

Door Options

With or without threshold

Right or left opening


Hinged Fireproof Refrigeration Door (HD EI): Brochure

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1014 Ivory
1015 Light Ivory
1018 Zinc Yellow
3003 Ruby Red
3005 Wine Red
3009 Oxide Red
3011 Brown Red
5005 Signal Blue
6002 Leaf Green
6005 Moss Green
7004 Signal Grey
8017 Chocolate Brown
9002 Grey White
9003 Signal White
9006 White Aluminum
9010 Pure White

Распашные противопожарные двери Распашные противопожарные двери

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