Fresh air doors

Вентиляционные клапаны

At PH Insulation you can order fresh air doors with a filler made of energy-efficient polyurethane foam with a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m*K and a density of up to 45 kg/m3.

The doors are designed to perform an automatic ventilation cycle and maintain humidity in fruit and vegetable storages.

The doors are installed on the end walls of vegetable stores and have a system of automatic opening which is operated manually or automatically.


Door leaf thickness: 80–120 mm

Door leaf facing: 0.5 mm steel

Embedded elements: embedded parts are built into the door leaf for the installation of gear motors and rotary racks of automation systems.

Opening height: 800–1500 mm

Opening width: 1500–4000 mm

Color: RAL 9003 by default, available in any color

Surface frame thickness: 2 mm

Surface frame color: powder enamel

Hinges: stainless steel hinges


You can choose from two types of fresh air doors:

  • semi-secret: the door leaf is partially located inside the wall for a more aesthetic and modern appearance 

  • overlapping: the door leaf completely protrudes above the wall


PH Insulation will deliver your order worldwide. Save your time and energy by using our delivery services. To deliver your order fast and safely PH Insulation chooses professional carriers with better pricing using online auctions.

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Вентиляционные клапаны Вентиляционные клапаны

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