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10.01.2022 The First Major Fish Refrigerating Complex in the Russian Port of Nakhodka is Built with PIR Premier Sandwich Panels by PH Insulation

The contractors note the high quality of PH Insulation's products, short delivery time, and low delivery cost

27.12.2021 Energy Safe Technologies for Meat and Dairy Industry: PH Insulation to Showcase Cold Storage Room at DairyTech Expo 2022 in Moscow

At the Expo the visitors will be welcomed to enjoy consultations on selecting insulation materials for reducing the cost of construction and renovation of meat and dairy production facilities

23.12.2021 "Never be afraid!" David Alaverdyan, Sales Director of PH Insulation, Opens Up to RBC TV About Export Growth

PH Insulation to increase export sales from 15% of total to 40%

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Off-Grid Solar System-3,25 KV Kit

Комплект OFF-Grid, 3.25 кВт
Item Quantity Price USD Price USD
Solar Panel, 325W SLN-72Poly-325 10 154,7 1547
Off-grid inverter,Spirit VM 3KVA 1 496,4 496
Gel Battery OT200-12/CL 1 605,2 1210
Mounting system 3 176,8 530
Solar DC cable PV1-F, 4 mm² 120 1,632 196
Connectors DC, QC4.1 male,fem 4 6,46 26


Комплект OFF-Grid, 3.25 кВт Комплект OFF-Grid, 3.25 кВт

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