PH Insulation, a major global manufacturer of sandwich panels with polyurethane, polyisocyanurate foam and mineral wool, will showcase cold storage room and 4 types of doors at Meat & Poultry Industry Exhibition 2024. The expo will be held in Moscow on May 20-22, 2024.

PH Insulation will welcome visitors at booth number 35.D2, pavilion 2, hall 7. 

Exhibition attendees can witness technological sophistication, reliability, and quality of execution of four different types of doors showcased at the PH Insulation’s booth:

  • hinged door for medium and low temperature cold rooms with Stuv hardware that ensures a tighter seal of the door leaf to the frame
  • sliding door for medium and low temperature cold rooms with PH Insulation automatic drive. The automatic drive engineered by PH Insulation minimizes heat infiltration and energy waste, streamlining access to the cold chamber. In testing, the automatic drive has proven its reliability through 150 000 seamless open-close cycles
  • traffic swinging and industrial doors to separate premises in food production facilities, supermarkets, and offices

The refrigeration chamber installed at the exhibition booth is constructed with PH Insulation PIR Premier sandwich panels. PIR Premier sandwich panels are ideal for building of livestock facilities, meat processing plants, production workshops, cold storage chambers, and other spaces within the meat industry. PIR Premier insulation core provides unparalleled temperature control, with a verified thermal conductivity of just 0.0194 W/(m*K). Sandwich panels are CE certified, ensuring compliance with the highest European standards. Manufactured by PH Insulation to the EN 14509 norm, the sandwich panels are produced on two continuous Italian production lines.


Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about PH Insulation’s latest innovations: sliding fire resistant gates for premises with high fire safety requirements and SD T sliding refrigeration doors.

The sliding fire-resistant gates SG EI maintain structural integrity for 30 minutes, preventing the spread of fire and combustion products outside the room. The fire resistance limit of SG EI is EI30. The doors are suitable for openings up to 3000 mm wide and 5000 mm high.

The heavy sliding refrigeration doors SD T are the latest innovation from PH Insulation’s engineering team to enhance the longevity of doors. PH Insulation Design and Development Department experts have tested the plastic hardware of sliding doors. The tests have showed the most durable components – the brackets and rollers by Coldtech, so all SD T doors are equipped with Coldtech fittings.

Professional builders and owners of farms, agricultural holdings, livestock and poultry farms will be able to get acquainted with other PH Insulation’s products:

  • wall and roof sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation for buildings with high fire safety requirements. Sandwich panels with mineral wool are produced in accordance with the Russian state standard GOST 32603-2021. The increased adhesion of mineral wool to metal is provided by PH Insulation’s polyurethane adhesive, developed at the PH Insulation’s R&D Center specially for the panels with mineral wool insulation
  • 20 types of refrigeration and industrial doors
  • multi-purpose insulated boards PIR Plita® with the new PIR Premier Double Soft PIR system
  • Solar Sandwich system — a green energy combination of PIR Premier insulated panels with solar panels. The system allows to save up to 30% on air conditioning or heating

Especially for the food industry, PH Insulation manufactures sandwich panels and doors with non-standard coatings:

  • Food Safe for meat, dairy shops. Absolutely safe for direct contact with food. Coating thickness: 120 µm, RUV 4, RC 5
  • PVDF for barns, poultry houses. PVDF boasts high corrosion resistance, high UV resistance. Coating thickness: 35 µm, RUV 4, RC 4
  • PU – polyurethane coating for agricultural buildings. PU boasts enhanced mechanical strength, resistance to various weather conditions. Coating thickness: 35-50 µm, RUV 4, RC 4
  • AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321 stainless steel
  • other coatings for specific needs

Meat & Poultry Industry Exhibition will be held in Moscow in Krasnogorsk City, Mezhdunarondaya str. 16, 18, 20 pavilion 2, hall 7.

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